One strike, others earn

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Recall, from January 1 to 15 entrepreneurs on strike, which takes place in the form of enforced holiday with tax evasion and rent.
Yesterday evening at the mall "Kupala" in Minsk worked several kiosks, despite the fact that others were closed. Hung on the doors of some ads "Due to the short-stay shield will resume January 15" or "Closed for vacation until January 15." And in the other there was a trade. Why individual traders come to work?
Merchant: "Rent take. Penalties for those who do not go to work on the part of the administration. "
Merchant: "Where the strike? Nobody knows about it. We have heard that it will be January 10th. "
Merchant: "We raspradaemsya, we do not just talk. We can not work on these criteria, and all. "
Merchant: "We know that the strike will be number 10, and so we do not know. Just bad business. "

In one strike, while others work

Merchant: "The strike is no, it will be number 10. Businessman I wish I can work, and they can not work because the person hired canceled."
Trader: "We’re closing, because we have some work."

Shoe store locked

According to the activist movement of entrepreneurs Alexander Tsatsura Salihorsk, traders come to work in violation of the law that is punishable by a huge fine and confiscation of proceeds:
"Especially in kiosks are dealers or if sits businessman all the same works trader. According to the decree number 760 can not have employees. Surely, such an order was received before the 10th no one touch to bring down the intensity of the strike. I walked in and our tax and other entrepreneurs called. Why do we need the conditions, while others do not? In our tax uttered that in this respect there was no guidance. "
According favorite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev, entrepreneurs who do not strike predict bad situation. And from time to time and do not believe in the possibility of liquidation.
"Living a funny day. This feature of our population. Angry, dissatisfied, but try something else to capture these days are remaining. Later, though the grass does not grow.
Certain part of business still has some "roof" of the executive committees or executive committee. Who from whom. Hoping that they will help out, closed down. Because they are given the command to work, to touch them until they are. Powerful information comes from the work of officials. Gather tips bullied. Try the first days are not to touch. "

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