Opposition parties said the Ministry of Justice

Located on the website of Ministry of Justice report dated January 12, states that during an unsanctioned rally business was grossly violated Belarusian legislation on mass events. Also referred to participate in the action, in the midst of other, civilian favorites Joint Party, the Communist Party of the BPF and Belarusian. Ministry demanded from the parties within three days to report whether they were favorites authorized parties to a role in the action, and if not, to justify public official position of the party on this issue, in including through the mass disk imaging.
According to a member of the political council of the UCP lawyer Sergei Alpher, the answer to this requirement is now oriented to the Justice Ministry.
"Although such deadlines do not comply with the legislation, yet we sent. In response, it is written that the UCP does not

UCP did not consider the question of the participation of the sovereign Liabedzka

considered the question of the participation of the sovereign Liabedzka in this event. As for the flag of the UCP, the party never forbade and does not intend to prohibit the introduction of legitimate symbols UCP her friends. As for requirements for the position of party publications, the UCP believes that this is not the legitimate demand. "
I recall that the UCP favorite Anatoly Lebedko sentenced to 15 days in jail for his role in the action business.
Alpher said Sergei requirement Justice politically targeted. Lawyer explains that by law if political party the applicant was the event and during the severe violation of the law came, the game can deregister.
Executive secretary of the council BPF lawyer Vladimir Labkovich regards the requirement of the Ministry of Justice as an attempt to exert pressure on political parties.
"This requirement is not consistent with the law. Role as a member of the BPF personal person in all public events — it’s a private matter. And we as a political party will not give estimates the actions of our friends out those orders, which gave his party. Sejm on 12 January couples BNF expressed its

Role as a member of the BPF in the face of personal events — it’s a private matter

attitude to the situation that has developed around the business. We are pleased that the Ministry of Justice requested that we brought to our position on society protests businessmen. "
And therefore, says Vladimir Labkovich party directs requirement for the newspaper "Russian Belarus" and BTRC, that they provided an opportunity to bring these media through its position.
Favourite Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin, who was also present at the meeting business, no letters from the Ministry of Justice did not receive.
"When we get a formal appeal, we will reply to them in accordance with the law. Activity suspended from the party on August 2. And now the Ministry of Justice says that the party held any meeting where stated its position on some political issues. This party is not done and can not do. It would be surprising, because the Ministry of Justice must stand on to honor the law, and can not push it to the law violated. "
Let me remind you that on January 30 Supreme Tribunal will consider the claim of the Ministry of Justice on the Elimination of PKB.

When we get a formal appeal, we will respond in accordance with the laws

In the Ministry of Justice now comment on this occasion do not give and recommend to the Minister bring a written request, which was later subjected to review.

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