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Inductee Vyachorka! Fall into line!


*** Recall the summer Franak Vyachorka
operation was made on sight. The doctors gave him a certificate that he is unfit to serve in the army and has a six-month reprieve. Head of Russian military office appeal of Minsk Colonel Ivanovo
questioned in this paper, and despite the postponement raised his surname Franak travel ban lists. Twice youth activist detained at the border and explained that he was forbidden to travel abroad. Franak Vyachorka week back, was summoned
as was indicated for consultation military hospital. There he immediately put away things and activist in the hospital for examination. Now the Commission found Franak Vyachorka fit for military service and are discharged from the clinic. This year the army called several youth activists expelled earlier from the educational institutions, among them a member of the BPF, Dmitry Zhaleznichenka Chairman of the BPF Youth. Ales Kalita Also serves as chairman of the department of Youth BPF Smorgon Dmitry Belyaev and an activist of the Movement "For Freedom, the last candidate of the.
Vital Karatysh

Activists of youth organizations in the cause and threaten to take military conscription into the army Tags: opposition

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