Or protests will bear fruit for personal business?

With the new year in Belarus declared entrepreneurial strike. What is happening at the moment in the markets? How do they react to the protest movement power business? Do they have personal business morale to keep fighting for their rights?
Participants: Campaign Coordinator "For Free Development of Enterprise" by the town of Minsk Alexander Taustyka and head of the coordinating council of the town of Minsk businessman Alexander Macau.
What’s happening in the markets?
Valery Karbalevich: "From January 1, 2008 shall come into force presidential decree number 760, according to which individual entrepreneurs (PE) do not have the right to have employees, not counting their families. Personal entrepreneurs continue to struggle. With the new year declared entrepreneurial strike. But strike a typical . As they say favorites entrepreneurial movement, strike it in the form of temporary rest from non-payment of taxes. Deputy Minister of Economy Tour said it was not any strike, because after Christmas prazdnichka to trade on the market comes "off season" because entrepreneurs just relax. What happening at the moment in the markets? "
Alexander Taustyka: "Held to strike on January 15.’s Just go around several markets. Runs 1% of retail outlets. Also does not work most of the businessmen in Maladzechna, Borisov, Vileika. Mogilev PP came to the square. After January 15, regardless of the reaction of the authorities and themselves businessmen will think what to do next. "
Alexander Macau "There is a strike that legally we make as a rest. Presidential decree PP are entitled to leave up to 30 days once a year. If strikes administration markets may deprive business of retail space. But if PP go on vacation, then make it the administration are not allowed.

Presidential Decree number 760 — is a fierce blow to the PP. So I’m working spouse PP, we have two outlets. Every month we pay to the budget over three thousand dollars. I do not agree with the expression of the Deputy Minister of Economy Tour that we are working on a grayish schemes.
Members of the strike would have been greater if we had the opportunity to bring the information to all the PP. But the spreading disk imaging blocked by the authorities, the administration of markets. "
How do they react to the protest movement power business?
Karbalevich: "The authorities’ response to the protest activity personal business quite contradictory. On the one hand, they defend the correctness of state policy on PP, say they do not make concessions. This read and Alexander Lukashenko on December 30, and Deputy Minister of Economy Tour at yesterday’s press Conference.
On the other hand, the other day of the New Year, a presidential decree which stretched for several months preferential conditions for the transition to the status of private unitary enterprise. How can otkommentirovat authorities’ reaction to the protest movement of businessmen? "
Taustyka: "If the authorities are right in this conflict, and we do not have, then let’s teledyskusiyu. If the authorities are not afraid of us, and let them give us the word, and not just blame us.

One of the reactions of the authorities was arrested favorites entrepreneurial movement. But the government — it is not, the City and other bureaucrats. PP — are also citizens of this country. In the normal state our position and the authorities should be able to take into account. "
Macau "While the state of emergency are not consolidated and begin organized to defend their rights, the authorities will pursue a tough line. But I wish to note that the authorities by their actions violate constitutional rights: the right to property, equality of all forms of ownership, the right to work (work may lose as part of PP and 200-300 thousand employees).
If the government will continue its policy, the likely social explosion. After unrealistic work tyscham 200 PP format entities. Only 10-20% of PP can pass in this form. Oh so again in this format will work on a grayish schemes. PP pay taxes in advance. They are a priori the most law-abiding part of business.
In addition, there is no feedback to the PP funds to go to the status of legal entity. After all, they killed the power for the last two years when the tax increment 2.5 times. Even if at the moment 10-20 thousand PP go into this status, that’s fine, if the banks will be able to make loans one thousand people.
Officials, namely Lukashenko, they say that the PP undermine the Belarusian industry, namely light industry, make unemployment.
But it is not. In recent years, individual entrepreneurs jostle of profitable sectors. Practically forbidden to trade coats, sophisticated home appliances and others. A light industry "planted" is not an emergency.
What are the prospects for the PP to defend their rights?

Karbalevich: "Will the PP morale to keep fighting for their rights?’s Favorite campaign" For Free Development of Enterprise "Gorbachev said at a meeting scheduled for January 10 businessmen on October Square, and from February 1 PP suspend its activities for an indefinite period. If we talk about the latest dangers to whom it can be harmful: the authorities or for yourself? "
Taustyka: "The policy of the authorities suffer not only the PP, and buyers who are used to taking in the markets sufficiently high quality and a cheap products. And we have nothing more to do but to fight. If the authorities do not meet us, then from February 1 could begin nationwide strike . markets and administration must realize that if a huge amount of PP to stop the work, the people on the new market places they promptly went out and brought. "
Macau "The government has announced a state of emergency war occurs tremendous pressure on the favorites. PE, as well as the whole society, intimidated.’s When held a rally on October Square, there came one tyscha people and several thousand when heard against their police may use force returned home.
PE in despair. Here in the construction market in Minsk, where I work, about 200 of the 1,200 people have not paid the rent. In other markets, such PE more. These people will peraafarmlyatstsa or in another legal status, or liquidate its activities. "

Why there is no unity in the entrepreneurial movement?

Karbalevich: Seems never to this entrepreneurial movement was not split, as at the moment. Various business organizations hold their shares alone and ignore the actions organized by other entities. Why is this happening?
Taustyka: "We have already some experience, are aware that the split weakens our movement. Because we have signed a cooperation agreement and will be united."
Macau "There is a complex history of relations between the favorites entrepreneurial movement. Seems now they threw her ambitions and willing to support the protests. Indeed, for this there is need for an impartial".

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