Our financial model is not worth anywhere

Alexander Wojtowicz, past chairman of the Council of the Republic, refers to the year, which is currently on waste, "determining for Belarus":
"It became clear that we need to work for entirely different economic models. And that model that always reklyamavalasya us, not worth anywhere. It fails to provide the country with normal development. And it became clear particularly true this year. This is evidenced by what happened in 2007. Authorities are obliged to start share sale of municipal property. And this is done not transparent, and the sly, without the declaration of tenders.
Or take the abolition of subsidies for the population … She was so full that did not exist and is not in any neighboring country.
All this indicates that the processes taking place in Belarus, not finished and again. "
Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party Alexander Dobrovolsky notes that this year the country’s democratic forces have changed the format of its own activities:
"They spent two notable action — European social and marches, which were dedicated to the most basic events in Belarus and its people. Assess But 2007 year as year, which determines the fate of the country until early.
In 2008, will work better. Parliamentary elections. And here is a very fundamentally how people will react to the fact that their power is not fully respected. It is not at one point showed This year. That is the question! Either they will again be silent, they will express their position and try to defend it? If the second, then I think we will be able to change the current trend of development of the country for the development of independent Belarus as a European country. "
This year the Ministry of Justice of Belarus has suspended the activities of women’s party "Nadzeja" and the Supreme Tribunal left the verdict in force. But the chairman of the party Lena Eskova does not believe in vain in 2007:
"Party" Nadzeja "- the union of the ladies, as the subject of public and political life — for this year come true. We participated in all activities and a lot less than assist our ladies.
Of course, unfortunate that the party unfairly eliminated. But our political activities at the moment is as citizens of the Republic of Belarus, it is not suspended. We will continue it together with all democratic forces in the country. We have the Holy goal — the future of our children. And because we can not stay. "
Acting chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Anatoly Lewkowicz refers to the main event in 2007 Congress of Democratic Forces:
"He has permitted to designate a regular subject of politics in Belarus. This — the united democratic forces. The Congress adopted a strategy plan and now there are certain tasks that we perform.
I expect that next year will earn the democratic forces systematically. Especially since the decision on the participation of the combined forces in a political campaign — House of Representatives elections. In what format — that is another right. But they will be intensively involved. "

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