Our government, as you know, fearful …

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Tsybulko Timothy: "For almost 14 years the Belarusian people suffered huge izymatelstva. These" lousy fleas "and praises Hitler, mass beating people on the streets, landing courageous people behind bars, their dismissal from work, and now have come and to cancel the benefits. And entrepreneurs we suffer every year, the guys at the dance of the adjacent villages. "
Lady: "Lukashenka very badof work: prices grow, wages in factories detain and bureaucrats-torn screaming on the radio and TV, that we have so perfectly, as if in paradise. So bureaucrat gets 2-3 thousands of dollars, then fine. But we live is not easy. "
Lady: "Why is it so relaxed looking at it, our president, who congratulated us, large, happy New Year! And I think that any large family will not entertain this new year, and only families of officials who take kids to care. Here is the final year of the baby. But why nothing is made for kids? At least a little reduced prices for candy. In contrast, prices rose. How to celebrate the New Year? "
Listener "Freedom" asks:
"Where to find the web Belarusian TV" Belsat "? And more. Either raises the question of how our taxes so for transfer via cable TV channel" Belsat? "Thank you."
The question to the Director of the news service channel "Belsat" Alexei Dzikavitski:
"Naturally, the question of the broadcast via the web is considered, because we live in the XXI century, and is one of the more modern and accessible forms. Unfortunately, our web site as yet in its infancy then, it develops, and I think that really closer to spring can be talk about the broadcast on the Web. But Lately we will have the website announcements are also more noteworthy pieces of gear clips.
If it is exactly, it’s hard to say, but on this constantly working people, because it would be. As for cable networks, the question here is: if some cable operator turned to television, for sure, we would have gladly given this opportunity. But I do not know, maybe it’s in the current situation in Belarus. "
Khotyanovsky pensioner, Grodno: "Good day. I received from you and congratulation book Vladimir Orlov. I am very grateful to you for everything. I wish for you in a new year of health, success and all the best."
Man: "About 10 percent of those people that the poverty line … I believe that if this million gather for a rally in Minsk, they will solve all your problems and questions few hours, as our government, as we know, fearful. "

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