Our homeland has decided to lend Belarusian economy?

With the request for a loan, the official Minsk to Moscow addressed first 2007 — after doubling the price of natural gas and substantial rise in oil prices. But fundamentally agreed to lend Belarus economy Vladimir Putin expressed only during nedavneshnego official visit to Belarus. Were identified and the conditions for obtaining funds: 15 years with grace period of 5 years at a rate of 0.75% per annum.
Credit is almost twice the municipal debt
Expert Research Center, "Research forecasts, monitoring" economist Alexander Chubrik believes that the Russian loan will support the Belarusian economy recently new forecast appreciation in the commodities market. He thinks that, given the existing state debt outer Belarus, which is 840 million dollars, the harsh "bondage" country is not threatened — to return the debt of Belarus will start in 5 years:
"No country in which dependence does not fall. Over 5 years — 300 million dollars a year will have to give, plus interest. Nothing terrible. Conditions generally profitable, but it’s a kind of a stabilization loan. To get it, of course, reserve, reserves will immediately approximately equal to the import figures. And this is, you know, almost "emveefovskih" aspect. Because we do what which can be call preserving stability. First, to maintain stability of the national currency in order to avoid devaluation. With this in mind — I think it was the right move. "
Preceding the Russian loan, acquired in 2005, was 10 times less than in the order of 150 million dollars.
Also of, "euro tiger" nobody wants to fund
Russian political scientist and expert in the Belarusian-Russian relations Andrew Suzdaltsev refers to the amount of credit unparalleled — more than 4% of the gross domestic product (GDP). In proportion to GDP, it would be a Russian loan of nearly 70 billion dollars. With all this Suzdaltsev convinced indignation Alexander Lukashenko criteria on which the first loan offered Our homeland and promises "to take from real friends" had only a populist nature:
"I have information that in Venezuela Hugo Chavez very asked to give money. But he did not give. As a result, it did not work anywhere. Cancel Moscow’s decision to raise prices was not possible, and means no one gave. And even if I was given, it is quite interest and other under warranty. All again turned to Moscow, the level of relations between with 2 presidents. Saying Our homeland that gave money to delight?
There is also a big problem, first Belarusian authorities who keep to their own population propaganda bar against the Belarusian economy is very high: some "European tiger" that develops, dominates and influences the second one bullet earth. People, in principle, to believe this. On the other hand, if the conversation is conducted with partners in the international arena, with the same Moscow, it moan, cry, tears — you have been robbed. Russian government disoriented: how so? With one side, says that everything is fine, all the difficulties and decided to soak at least some rise in prices for energoelementy. On the other, every dollar is a natural fit: people do not assimilate, Belarusians will be unbearable Moscow, etc. Listen — so sheer nonsense. "
In an interview with the South American magazine "Time" Vladimir Putin exactly spoke about relations with the countries of the former Soviet Union in the field of energy supply. He said that the friendly neighbor or business — no reason to qualify for a discount in the payment for the delivered materials.

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