Our homeland will again defend Belarus?

The other day at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation said that Minsk "will be approved by a two-year newcomer programm joint foreign policy of the Russian Federation and Belarus."
Director of the Institute of the capital of Belarus CIS Alexander Fadeev states that, in his opinion, talk about the outer joint policy 2-states would be very:

Our homeland and Belarus — a very different country

"Abroad policy that covers all, where the interests of the 2-states would coincide with all the issues on the Actually not. There are some issues, some nodes that discussions are two countries together. Here in the international arena, they speak with one voice.
If we talk about the desired 2-states to coordinate foreign policy, then, one side, it’s understandable. But on the other hand, Belarus and Our homeland — very different countries: economic potential, political regimes, the objectives of outer Policy. Because efforts are needed to ensure that our goals in all matters coincide? I think not. "
Analysts emphasize that more pronounced synergy official Minsk and Moscow manifested in international organizations — the OSCE, the UN and others. There is always protecting our homeland of Belarus. Last example of such fixed last week in Strasbourg, where the political committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe presented a report on the situation in Belarus.
First deputy chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka, which was specifically at the hearing in Strasbourg, said: Russians mountain stood for Lukashenko
"Kosachev at a meeting of the Political Committee supported the position exactly Lukashenko’s deputies. And supports possible speedy recovery of all possible statuses for the National Assembly.

Strategically Moscow will support Lukashenko

I understand: in spite of all aspects of the interactionrelations between Putin’s Russia and Lukashenko has authority all the same geopolitically, strategically Moscow will support Lukashenko of Belarus as its own geopolitical ally. "
Belarusian political analyst Denis Melyantsou believes that before the presidential elections in Russia Moscow shifts in activity towards the Belarusian does not happen:
"While not in Russia will hold an election until it becomes clear just how will line up Russian policy towards the former Russian republics, I think in Russian-Belarusian relations will lull. And Followers States will be governed by the agreements that have been reached.
Lavrov’s visit should be regarded as a regular visit to agree on a common foreign policy. Because, whatever states despite all oil gas war, coordination Russian and Belarusian foreign policy exists. And in international organizations, and in some other cases. "

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