Pacific Fleet conducted naval exercises Guards missile boats

In the Sea of Japan in the areas of combat training — Pacific Fleet conducted naval exercises Guards missile boats with the performance of missile launches supersonic anti-ship missile "Mosquito" and various artillery exercises …

(Under the cut reportage about the exercises, with photos firings and comments of the author. Recommend!) 

As usually go out to sea with old good friends … Guards-katerniki, brigades of surface ships of the Maritime Fleet Pacific Fleet at the appointed time we have taken on board and we went out to sea! ..

Ulysses S. .. go out with, in the Straits of
Eastern Bosphorus …. the fog ..

…..South bridge bearing onRussian islandClouds and fog ..

..pass the bridge onRussian island..

pass"Sharpness"played on the ship"Drill" ..

…………Lightning-fast sea "Tarantula" — Project 12411 missile boat "Lightning"

……….the duty officer of the watch ships — Guard Captain — Lieutenant Ivan Petukhov

….according to naval traditionand ship charter of the Russian Navy— Ships give each other the greet military … officer of the watch is on the gantry, is commanded signal whistle and shipboard broadcast"Stand up to the board"… thus the military on land required for the meeting to give the greet military and make sailors …

.. by the way! Guard Lieutenant Commander Ivan Petukhov sailed assistant commander of the ship, and returned to the commander of a sister ship to the"Mosquito" fleetrecognized the military themselves, the officers quickly grow and become more independent more quickly than larger ships …. For example, the assistant commander of the Guard Lieutenant Commander Ivan Petukhov finished PNI in 2007!! it is less than 6 years old … and he was commander of the ship!! went to sea as assistant commander and commander came!

…..Guards missile boat for a few seconds before the start .. already opened the lid rocket pods …. inexorably approachingtime to "H"Which is so familiar to all military …

… n-c-y k 

this — and there is a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile 3M-80E "Mosquito", better known in the West as the SS-N-22 «Sunburn», or "Sunburn".

"Sunburn"outperforms all currently existing anti-ship missiles. It is used by the light of our missile boats, hovercraft, destroyers, WIG. It can be used in parts of coastal defense and naval aviation."Mosquito"- The world's missile flight speed at which the low-altitude exceeds two maha (it is 2,800 km / h, for reference: the most modern French missile"Exocet"Flies four times slower).

From"Mosquito"impossible to avoid. Enemy notice rocket in just three or four seconds before the meeting with the board of your own ship. Naturally, for two seconds to save the ship — to make the missile maneuver or shoot down"Mosquito"antimissile — is impossible.

Strictly speaking, knock"Mosquito"impossible. The fact is that during the flight the missile 3M-80E "wags" — snake flies at an altitude of 3 — 6 meters above the sea. To see where it hits, it is impossible.

Due to the enormous kinetic energy"Sunburn"pierces the body of any ship and exploded inside. Such an attack is not only able to sink the ship of the middle class, but the cruiser.A 15 — 17 "Mosquito"— The whole ship's band.

rocket went off! ship in the smoke! a few seconds after the start ..
Narrow, dimly-body predator silver length of 9.3 meters, made of the most advanced alloys. in the "Mosquito" concentrated all the scientific achievements of our power. Ramjet engine, which provides tremendou
s speed of 2.5 Mach — "sound". Start step right into the main combustion chamber, the sustainer. An incredible speed flight at a height of 5 meters just does not leave time for the enemy alerting missile system. Even if it were to know in advance of the release on it "Mosquito" — "Sanberna", he will be able to meet it with his anti-aircraft missile at a distance of no more than five to seven miles away. For existing in other countries, fighting computer simply will not be able to quickly calculate data for the anti-aircraft fire in the short time (3-4 seconds), when the first attacker "Mosquito" will appear in the line of sight of their radar.

the allotted time passes and tank ship out officers .. among them are white shirts ceremonial commander, the flagship rocket scientist, and commander of the BC-2, which is produced and launch … for them = launch this holiday .. so the front and white shirt!

in the meantime follow the ships to panel floating target for an inspection .. another officer of the watch commander BC-2, Guard Lieutenant Dmitry Golovachenko instructs duty signalman Guard sailor Ivan Shashkina by landmarks ..

is a visual inspection of the shield targets and estimates of the missile ..

visually identified — that getting there!

until all the fighting, quietly leaning on a map navigator and paves the way, is the commander of CU-1, Guard Lieutenant Alexei Salnikov graduate PNI 2012 ..

model the tactics, in the order air defense

Project 12411 missile boats are designed to destroy enemy surface ships, transport and landing craft and ships at sea, team sites, and marine groups to cover them, as well as a cover for their ships from the surface and air threats.

rebuilt several times …

The main developer — the union of "Diamond". There were built in different shipyards more than three dozen missile boats. The main difference is the installation of anti-ship missile system with missiles 3M-80 "Mosquito", instead of missiles "Termite" (P-15).

The desired maximum speed of the new missile boat with RCC "Mosquito" was to be no less than 42-43 knots. As it turned out, the small and medium-sized missile boats would be unable to take on board the "Mosquitoes" and provide the required speed.

.."Guards" — go on the attack!!

in the warrant defense

Besides the main anti-ship complex with RCC 3M-80 "Mosquito" missile boat was equipped with a gun mounts AK-176 76mm gun mounts and two six-barreled AK-630 30mm caliber. It was possible to install two units of MANPADS Strela-3.

MLO fire (small an
ti-aircraft artillery) leads the whole warrant korableyna starboard ..

Meanwhile the task teaching, and changing all the firepower go to starboard ..

means of impeding the work of EW

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