Party of Communists Belarusian faces liquidation?

Deputy Party chairman Lena Skrigan believes that the Ministry of Justice fails to start the process of liquidation of the party until 2 February.
"Desire in the Ministry of Justice has a long, but until February 2 suspended by the party’s activities Supreme Court. And I think that until February 2 nothing can not happen, no matter what desires are. 10 days earlier than the date we need to do for the Department of Justice report on how we enforce the judgment, attach documents to the decision. And only after February 2 may be made certain steps of Justice.
This is the real danger, and they can relate to at least some political party, if it is the political will of our control. I believe that our party about such will have long. How will it be produced? We’ll see … "Says Lena Skrigan.
Meanwhile First secretary of the PKB Sergei Kalyakin sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Tribunal and learned in connection with the above-mentioned communication of the news agency.
According Kalyakin, "all the facts of this message does not correspond with reality, as the six-month suspension of activities of the party ends on February 2 2008. "And PKB management considers" this message as politically targeted campaign, which aims to another kamprametatsyya PKB, "the letter said.
In Last year August 2 Supreme Tribunal Belarus stopped 6 months the Belarusian Communist Party activities. Specifically insisted on such punishment Ministry of Justice. PKB during the year received three warnings. Ministry of Justice blames party systematic violation of the law — the party’s role in the development of the Union of the Left parties, the Ministry also supply "wrong disk imaging on personal numerical composition of the party."

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