People were beaten, so that in later times they came to the rally

Business meeting in Minsk on January 21, was forcibly broken up by police. Dispersal occurred under specific controlled Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov. Entrepreneurs say that again take to the streets on 18 February. Expression listener on this topic:
Spades: "21st weight is the main girls and ladies," kiseynyya Ladies’ up to 35 years, which one would hit the rumble navumavskih "astronauts." Why then beaten? Since 21st of people was less than the 10th. Worked in order to 18th and these did not come. "
Belarus made the final decision to build a nuclear power plant in the country. Comment listener:
Man: " During the construction of a nuclear power plant should be considered another factor: the plague of the 21st century — terrorism. Terrorists destroyed the Global Trade Center, the Pentagon almost killed. And what is the reactor? This is the same building. One spot-kick — and here for you, in other words we, the second Chernobyl. By the way, where is the guarantee that Chernobyl is not undermined by terrorists? No one there was not and beheld. Maybe there’s Russian FSB, the then KGB conducted exercises?"
Employees of the security committee of the country called in for questioning youth activists who travel abroad for the role of Belarus in international seminars. Outlook listener:
Man: "Travel abroad representatives from countries not to conferences, seminars should be considered as leaving for consultation in order to come back later and sabatazhnichats in the country, making unauthorized techniques. These methods should be complete if he would return to the conference, to give him such a fine, that it was bad. There are government and let go in the name of the country. Here my world. Enough prank! "

Expression of the human rights activist and lawyer comments Vladimir Labkovich:
"I see an adult nostalgia for former times, when the border was shut. Man wishes to cancel the Constitution, where it is recorded people’s right to freedom of movement, the right to receive alternative information. From a legal point of view — is the desire to limit the rights and legitimate interests of the people. After some configurations in Belarusian legislation, first in the Criminal Code, the responsibility for acting on behalf of an unregistered organization, I try the idea that the former times did not come back. At our country all may be ".
Belarus has adopted a municipal vkladyvatelnaya programm on 2008. According to this document, at the sports complex "Minsk-Arena" funds allocated to 5 times more than the program from "Babes in Belarus." Up to this topic:
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk "Good morning, Radio Freedom! I once heard that the "father" wants todo itt Year of a healthy baby. So let him first clarify its own decree whereby child, disabled young people can heal only once every two years. And do not give him a ticket. Here we "proparhali" with such a trip in the past year and do not know what will happen in This year. Is unlikely to be, likely. Regional executive committees and executive committees will rest bureaucrats. And kids will be killed. . "

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