Picket against repeal of benefits in Mogilev

In the chain were 10 people, all people age Incline. Protest lasted one hour. Support protesters came from Minsk secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus Valery Ukhnalev.
The protesters held placards condemning the government, which abolished the benefits: "Save the poor and the rising cost of power shame", "Civilization is dying, and the government denies benefits lady mother."
"I’m worried about all the people who have taken any benefits. Somehow I’d see, and they? And if suddenly the second Chernobyl who will protect us? That’s why I’m here and feel cold. People who have now come to the picket — they are huge optimists. I believe that reason will prevail, "- said the pensioner Nel Fadeev that hour picket.
Support protesters came three 10-ka man, more people will incline age. They are all kept at a distance from the picket, some of them handed out newspaper "Comrade." During the campaign were distributed to about fifty copies of the newspaper.
Satisfied protest Valery Berezienko applicant?
"We did not expect for more. If you allow the picket on the outskirts of the city, at the back of settlements do not have to wait for more. We made their own contribution to the common cause, fit people are interested in, get a newspaper. Nah they incur in their family, workplace, there will be aware that such action took place in Mogilev, "- said V.Berazinenka.
Until picket police warned the applicant Valeria Berezienko on inadmissibility rights violationscriterion concerning the order and application for picketing. As she had to participate in the rally only 10 people.
On the site where there was a picket were four policemen and three Young people civil. Looked for a picket and a representative of the ideological work of the Mogilev city executive committee.

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