Place head ideologue free Belarus

Own positions lost Oleg Proleskovsky — Head ideological head of the Presidential Administration.
Until Proleskovsky performed alternately executor of the senior management of the country: he oversaw the media sought additional funding for municipal publications and otherwise complicates the existence of independent media. Under his patranavannem occurred ideologically colored concerts "For Belarus" in support of presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko, etc. Not without its role is separated into "good faith" and "fraudulent" writers, painters, etc.
Proleskovsky turned off the ideological track?

Specifically with the filing of the list of illegal Proleskovsky hit rock music, which took part in an opposition rally-concert in the summer of 2004. In general, they also were in the midst of the latter, who came to see him. At the end of last year specifically Proleskovsky promised to legalize the state rock, when the rockers will not delve into politics. But first Presidential Administration head Leonid Sinitsyn not believe that communication with disgraced Proleskovsky musicians could hurt him — the reason is to be found a little deeper:
"Such a fact is not may be crucial for such an individual. Likely, in the ideological concept of expected significant changes, so it is possible to estimate this case. As if formally, it means his views on the ideology of the country do not coincide with the gaze of someone whose position be enforced, realize? But I think that this is not the last reshuffle: during the first quarter there will be even more significant, as the current government is not able to develop any program from — no medium or long-term. And the chief ministers, I believe, will have to leave their posts. This follows from the logic of governance. Therefore convinced that this is not the last reshuffle. "
As a consolation, which does not correspond to its former status, Proleskovsky was promoted to Director of the Information Analytical Center of the Presidential Administration. Previous management of this establishment Nina Shpak relieved of the post with the wording of the transfer to another job. Where required capabilities Ms. Shpak, is not specified.

Domashkevich sustained pause right?

Several months unemployed remained chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Nikolai Domashkevich. This bureaucrat acquired fame not only the highest grind that gives the region measured during the "struggle for the collection." Domashkevich — not only Belarusian bureaucrat in public tried to object head of the country. Few years ago on a conference call, which aired across all channels, Domashkevich said that he was prevented. Lukashenko promised for this slave (quote) "discourage horns if they have it (Damashkevicha. — MS) has grown." Currently Domashkevich became a par with such famous personalities as first Belarusian "caretaker" Ivan Titenkov Zhuravkova and Galina, who almost escaped jail. BACKGROUND manager, Alexander Kulichkov as will be considered in the municipal reserve.
Staffing commented last configuration control information-analytical department of the Presidential Administration Alexander Fyaduta:
"Domashkevich perhaps best manage than Titenkov Zhuravkova and since he was still governor. A management office of the president — it’s almost that province. Not as big as Minsk, but still … It’s all clear, since Nikolai Fedorovich behaved right after, both lost their own positions: nobody read anything, did not give interviews independent media. Stood for a while and returned. Wait — besides Kanaplyou return. "
Reporter: "And can we expect from the care Proleskovsky any relief measures in including and independent media? "
"It really depends on the reason for which it was removed. Fact that he has palpably weaker than previously, it was clear even in September. Wait as yet unclear who will appoint. A place that is influential. When the struggle clans in the president’s entourage, which now goes, you need to look at who will appoint. "

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