Playing in the travel ban — untainted policy?

The first of the public activists about the impossibility of going abroad was warned UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko. Policy said that decision was based on the criminal case initiated on charges of defaming the President in 2004, after an interview with Russian television show Liabedzka "Mirror" and the publication in the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya". Although the case and stopped due to the impossibility of investigative actions, foreign trips Liabedzka prohibited.
Anatoly Lebedko said that he had talks with the ambassadors of the United States and France on isolation attempts not only socially active leaders, and all the people of Belarus. Diplomats assured: the problem will be raised during the dialogue with the U.S. and the EU official Minsk. Liabedzka himself up meeting with Prosecutor General Pyotr Miklashevich and Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov. He will seek to clarify the status of their own criminal case, which, on the one hand, paused, and on the other — does not give the right to leave.
My first call to the Belarusian political travel ban caught it just in time "reversal" from the Belarusian-Lithuanian border:
"In practice, felt that such a list of political travel ban — go with the border on foot to Minsk. Now try to drive the Belarusian-Lithuanian border — was scheduled several meetings in including Lithuanian parliament. Arrived at the border, 40 minutes were intense consultations — they called me, the conclusion vybachalisya, asked to wait. But 40 minutes later announced that I can not move abroad, and put a stamp in their passport square, which is virtually a ban on leaving Belarus. So my talks and general issues that I raised — it is very burning. I do not think I’m in such a situation alone, it is possible to be rather widespread phenomenon even on formal grounds. After the march businessmen criminal case, 23 people were interrogation. And if you can and making the list of restricted to travel abroad. "
Liabedzka situation calls "of net politics." In years past, after the criminal case, he received three passports and three times put stamp exit permits. A print reminds politician done only with the permission of the KGB.
Can I get a list of "naming revolution"?
One of those responsible for the implementation of a lightweight system to travel abroad — first deputy chief of the Department of Citizenship and MIA movement Aleksei Begun. The question has justified itself in a month system acts facilitated travel abroad, he answered in the affirmative: "Totally!" And the increase in the number of those that once a day is wrapped from outside, explains this: before people already knew that they would not be released, and therefore did not apply to the Local Police Department for permission. And at the moment, many are willing to "break into durachiny."
Case of Liabedzka not unique. A similar message is received Baranavichy favorite department "Young Front" Yaroslav Hryshchenya youth activist Boris Goretskogo taken off the train on the way to Kiev. Alexei runner, but does not see in this policy:
"There is no political overtones here can be. There are only certain reasons, to limit the right of a citizen to travel abroad. If there is such a basis, it is about this, and he knows it. For example, a criminal case or tribunal has imposed obligation to the state or entity from which it deviates. And if not — what is there policy? In other words, just like that, "the naming of the revolution," no one in the bank be buried. ‘Cause you need to be aware of it too. "
Beyond the borders of Belarus can go through Russia. But Sovereign Runner says that soon this "black hole" "be sealed": Russian appropriate service complete the creation of your base travel ban (as they say spetsy even more rigid, than in Belarus), Then this nuance legislation on the ground of so-called Union countries will be unified in its main features.
In accordance with the decree of Alexander Lukashenko, "On the facilitation of departure from the Republic of Belarus" is limited to the right to leave for people — carriers municipal mysteries, suspects or defendants in criminal cases, for those who evaded military service and judicial duties. According to preliminary data of the Interior Ministry, the list of more than 100 thousand names. But the figure is constantly changing, and an exemplary citizen who has not had to pay an administrative fine, instantly becomes restricted to travel abroad. Politically disloyal to the authorities of public figures are not portrayed in any of the categories, but opposition politicians are increasingly caught in the "dark" list. "

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