Poland and Lithuania provide Belarusians visa exemptions

New contracts related to the fact that Poland and Lithuania joined the Schengen space. They anticipate a more favorable compared with the Schengen visa procedure Belarusian citizens. By As the last, the right to receive free visas to Poland on a parity basis have members of cultural, scientific, technical and sporting events.
  In addition, the contract with Poland foresees a reduction from 10 to 5 business days of processing of visa applications.

Contract with Lithuania provides for the possibility of repeated design visas for up to 3 years old children to 16 years, persons aged 65 years and older, people with disabilities are also the first group.

Both Poland and Lithuania will issue free visas to those categories of people, that have this right in accordance with the Schengen legislation — Children up to 6 years old, student, students, graduate students, and scholars who go abroad for studies.  

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