Poland: Ministry of Finance to negotiate with the customs will last

"Protest customs lasts" — told reporters Yvonne Foltov with Customs Chamber in Kraków. According to her, the country’s information ministry money that the understanding reached with the unions customs, does not correspond to reality.
Customs officers achieve wage growth by about $ 600, while authorities offer only two hundredth But it’s not all the requirements.
"Fact, we also demand configuration Customs legislation, because it is very poorly protects customs especially in cases of arrest or detention. In such a situation we are not allowed to defend themselves, we lose jobs machine "- says one of the participants of the strike customs.
On Saturday, during the second half of a day or the greatest of all trucks were on the Ukrainian-Polish transition to Dorohusk — 900 vehicles. Queues at the Belarusian-Polish transitions rather short — 200 BOBROVNIKOV and 100 cars in Bialystok Forge.
"I was in store for food, water, so that somehow came out to wait in the queue. But all this nightmare," — says the driver of the truck, which was traveling from Russia to Poland through Belarus.
Meanwhile representatives of transport companies that lose huge amounts of money lines, they say that if the Lately authorities have not agreed with the tax collectors, they will block all entrances to trucks Warsaw.
Polish Ministry of money yesterday evening said after 12-hour negotiations with trade union representatives customs introductory understanding was reached, which anticipates, among other, higher wages for 500 zlotys (about $ 200).
Part of the trade unions, but said that the understanding has no legal force, because not all unions participated in the negotiations, and most of this increase on the wage agreed because the strike lasts.
Negotiations are to resume on Sunday evening or even now.

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