Policeman on Fedoruk: It went well in the U.S.

Within hours after yesterday’s acceleration in Minsk rally in defense of the independence of the U.S. State Department condemned the aggressive actions Belarusian authorities, separately noted beating youth activist Dmitriy Fedoruk, who at last week in the delegation Belarusian opposition was in the USA.

Now salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart condemned yesterday’s acts Belarusian authorities, she expressed her intention to seek a meeting with Dmitry Khvedaruk, which is currently is in the clinic. Dmitry himself in an interview with Freedom thanked the United States for their support and expressed the view that it was yesterday beating spetsefichesky linked to his trip to U.S.:

"I believe that my yesterday’s beating was associated with a trip to America. Nearly all of this evidence. Specially nominated me for a cordon of riot police and already there, particularly outside, pushing from the demonstrators, beaten, knocked to the ground. Later thrown backwards with words such as: "Take your own, it is in excellent zezdiv America."

I am grateful to friends of United States, who stood up to my defense, who condemned yesterday’s acts regime. I was not the one injured, another guy, Dmitri, broke his leg, the girl broke Pauline finger, many of cones came with yesterday’s action. I was taken to the clinic, I have just now started to talk normally. "

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