Polish State visa will cost 35 euros

People use the last opportunity to get a Polish visa for old prices. About how the future will change the order of the day design visas, told a news conference the new Consul General of Poland Adam Bernatowicz.
The Schengen visa will cost 60 euros, and the Polish "state" — 35 euros, it will give the right to stay exclusively in this country.
Consul General of Poland in Grodno Adam Bernatowicz said that from the next day will begin accepting documents for Schengen visas. Their consideration will take 5 to 10 days. Consul allocated:
Bernatowicz: "Surely, this brand new situation simplifies communication and exchange. But I hope it will not be so chynnnikam which structurally reduce the desire and opportunity to approach our peoples and societies."
Grodno have many Polish visa which term comes only a few months — 2008. Managing consular department Janusz Dabrowski explained:
Dombrowski: "Polish visas that were issued earlier will be valid, but only on the areas of the Republic of Poland. Additionally, the short-term visas are entitled to travel through several new transit Schengen states. Long Polish visas are entitled to transit through the Schengen area."
But check will be carried out if someone will call with a Polish visa to Germany, and rebuked him deported him check in the Schengen area for more than Three years, said the vice-consul.
Many of the inhabitants of Grodno moonlighting border trade: drove to Poland cigarettes, vodka, fuel, and brought different products. Janusz Dabrowski noted that "the race for trade" is not provided, and the people who visited Poland in one day, fail to get a visa. A such people to This time published about 30 thousand visas per year, highlighted the vice-consul.
Mission of Poland to the General now strained. I see two groups of people — on the court and before the gate, about thirty or forty people. People know now the last day when you can still get a Polish visa, which is easier and cheaper to get something that will be with Schengen visas.
Man: "I need to go to take form, and everything."
Reporter: "You hope that all will have time to get it?"
Man: "I hope so."
Old man: "Give more than once — before the new year a couple of times you can still go."
Youth"60 euros for a Schengen visa — this, of course, money. For us in some solid cons, this is nothing positive I can not see."
Lady: "I think that it is not very good. After all, some of the people had the opportunity to somehow maintain its own real state trips to Poland. In Russian Time wasabout it psychologically difficult that inspected. And now, it seems, have the opportunity to go, but not cheap out. Now everything is complicated. "
According to the consul, at the moment every day office issued visas 250-320. Single entry visa cost 5 euros.

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