Political prisoners are released

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Over 10 Single oppositionists were released from the bullpen Akrestsin Street. Most of them — activists unregistered youth organizations.
One was arrested for his role in the promotion business, other preventive — recently shares on January 21. Against Andrei Kim opened a criminal case for the danger to police officers.
Friends youth democratic movement activists waited at the prison gates and 11 am. As soon administration bullpen beginning to let the prisoners a few hours before the end of their term, youth suit duty.
"Hunger, cold and rats"
First in the 12th hour came BPF Franak Vyachorka. He was detained in Minsk Central District Court, along with Yuri Stankevich and Anton Kalinouski when they came there to support his girlfriend Julia Sivtsova. The police men accused neprelichnoy battle.

As for the "Akrestsin", then there are three prepyadstviya: hunger, cold and rats. Times a day to catch a rat.

Franak Vyachorka said "Freedom":
"It goes attitude and riot police, and arbitrators indicates that these people lost. Regarding" Akrestsin "then there are three prepyadstviya: hunger, cold and rats. Every day caught a rat. Caught, killed and handed over to the trash. Worth only all moderate voice as immediately as cattle, herds begin to run on the camera. Steal bread, bite shoes. We caught them, put. willing to put up as a souvenir, but last night was caught. "
Yury Stankevich Pronunciation:
"Sat better than expected. Getting around more or less. It seems to me that they understood that we are not" bytavushniki "but ordinary people. Only thing I ordinary food. I was for the first time. I was detained on January 16, specifically day of birth. "
"When I refused to cooperate with the KGB, I was transferred to criminals"
Karen Akopov served 15 days in jail for his role in the promotion business January 10:
"The only thing that was better, that’s what made the bath, and it was more or less decently. But the conditions actually worsened. I’m just proud that I was there next to new people with whom I am pleased to meet you. I think that it was my plainclothes position — participate in the action. "
Karen released Vosled member of an unregistered organization "Initiative" Andrew Prasnyaka. He served 10 days in jail for his role in action on January 21.
"This is not a resort, realize themselves. Besides, I was transferred to another cell, when I refused to cooperate with the KGB. Well, normally was sitting with cute guys — criminals, hooligans, drunks … Excellent."
Tatiana Tsishkevich expelled?
Activist "Initiative" Andrei Kim after serving 10 days in jail policemen were taken to Minsk Central District Prosecutor’s Office for questioning. Against him prosecuted under Art. 364 (threat or act violently against a police officer).
Meanwhile came to clink Tatiana Tsishkevich. Yesterday, she was set free after serving 20 days. The woman said that she had come for help that was serving administrative detention. She enrolled in the second year at the Institute of Physical Culture coach equestrian sports. As Tatyana uttered her already ruled — for the fact that she is not fit to pay per session.
Latest released are activists "Young Front" Vladimir Sergeev, Catherine Krasnov, Lyudmila Atakulava Kasia and Galician.

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