Politicians rely on conscientious choices and dialogue with authorities

Chairman of the Council of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos says first of its prof there hope:
"I’ve picked up The old — Terminate just two documentary films. Raychonok friend of Hell, which makes its own gallery in the village Hiermanavičy. Padvizhnitstva the dilemma that exists and which may eventually rescue Belarus. And second — about setting "People’s album," which the Belarusian youth connected with his face, made with Polish youth. ABOUT creative collaboration on the basis of community pages of history.
I wish our school and continue to work and develop.
In general terms the Belarusian — in This year parliamentary elections. Democratic forces must speak and organizeddo probable that they have been civilized legal. And that their results were in good faith. "
Member of the House of Representatives, a favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party , Owed states that in 2008, in the hope it will be the year of a multi-vector policy Belarusian:
"2008 — the year in which, I hope, will continue to consolidate the strategic course for the sovereignty, independence and progress of statehood. For I was very principally to develop civilians society to continue contacts with European colleagues.
And very fundamentally, that our relationship with the Russian Federation were not looking through the calculator, and that they were normal, and business friendly. So for Russia first major was not a calculator, not economic calculations, and that she was looking at it all a little more extensive. Then, I think, can be talk about the progress of severe multi-vector policy ".
Chairman of the Belarusian Trade Union of electronic industry Fedynich expects that in 2008 people will feel relief work:
"I wish you wish to work, so this year their rights are met, the authorities and the tenants treated them more closely. And to let people know that in their own zeal for the best life they are not alone. Such people a lot. I wish that they become even more.
And so we come to the end to long if the government is for the people and not the contrary. "

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