Poseidon — U.S. Navy patrol plane

Poseidon - U.S. Navy patrol plane

Boeing has graduated from the U.S. Navy supply the first batch of patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon. According to a press release from February 4, 2013, the second South American Navy aircraft received January 31, 2013.
Contract for the supply of six U.S. aircraft signed in January 2011. The deal amounted to 1.53 billion dollars.
Another seven Poseidon for 1.4 billion dollars U.S. Navy bought additional second party in November 2011.
In September 2012, the Pentagon has ordered from Boeing third batch of 11 patrol aircraft by 1.9 billion dollars.
In total, the U.S. Navy going to arm 117 patrol aircraft P-8A.
As expected, Poseidon will change obsolete aircraft P-3C Orion. First P-8A Poseidon should stand adopted in 2013. 
Besides the U.S. version of 24 aircraft P-8I is going to get to India. Contract for eight aircraft at the cost of $ 2.1 billion was signed in January 2009, in 2012 the Indians increment order for four aircraft.
First P-8I India passed in December 2012. In addition, eight P-8 in 2018 wants to Australia.
P-8 Poseidon is created based on the Boeing 737 airliner. It can reach speeds of 907 kilometers per hour and climbing to 3.7 thousand kilometers.
The aircraft is designed to perform tasks and anti-radar and sonar resettled buoys. In service with P-8 are different torpedoes, missiles and mines.

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