Posodeystvuyut whether concerts in the fight against intoxicated drivers?

Virtually every fifth tragedy occurs in Minsk with the role and in most cases the fault of the drunk driver, a prerequisite of every third car hitting a passer as there is alcohol. Because of his This year Roads already killed 15 people, said the city police. Week in the midst of the struggle against drunkenness drivers will run until October 16th. During this period, more crews will be on duty traffic police on the roads, first in unsafe areas closer to drug control, including the police hand out leaflets about the participants in the movement management responsibilities in an intoxicated condition.
Spokeswoman GAI Minsk Jeanne triple told about the features of today’s action:
"They tried to organize so-called sobriety routes. Buses and trolley buses, where there placard and speech informants, we placed our texts — a lecture about the dangers. Who will go, listen, can find out that the new Statement."
According to the press service, alco "rollers" lettered prof radio journalists and decorated texts music.
These days are the Metropolitan Police carries out the action "Minsk — the territory of sobriety", aimed at the prevention of alcoholism not only behind the wheel, and in life in general. In this case, the police also took up the music — brass band council metropolitan police to organize concerts for anadromous plants. These concerts have already been around tractor plant and worsted mill. Managing the press service of Minsk police Alexander Lastouski:
"Police catches people’s attention to the live sound that life is not bad. Maybe then who will not go to the store for wine and vodka, and purchase chakalyadku child may come home earlier and sober."
Responsibility for driving while intoxicated in the near future has increased significantly: for the second violation within a year can be sentenced in jail. Discussions are ongoing and more stringent measures. What is more excellent in such combat: administrative measures or lectures and concerts? That’s what they say passers in Minsk.
Incline guy age: "As someone. Someone word enough, and someone needs fine. But, as they say at the moment that will forever take away rights, it very much. Well, as a modern man to take the right?"
Young man: "Apparently, the penalty effective. If people will know that he will lose huge amounts of money, it will affect more. "
Worth in the fight against alcoholism use measures such as concerts propaganda teams that raise the mood sluggish at work people?

"Through this concert is unlikely to be achieved. Concert there is a concert, with some clarification here about drinking?" Tags: drinking, driving, for

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