Posted final appeal against sentence Artur Finkevich

The private complaint Anna Bakhtin proves that sentence Artur Finkevich illegal, because Arthur did not violate specifically serving regime of "chemistry", for which he was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.
"Violations he Tipo did not have to violate the mode of" chemistry ", they were made of respectful circumstances. Example, when he came from the clinic to purchase a bun. And such situations there are many. "
Let me remind you, Artur Finkevich serving two years "Chemistry" in Mogilev. Activist was punished for political graffiti. His term owed end in November last year, but in October Artur Finkevich was taken into custody and charged him with a new charge — a repeated violation of the serving of "chemistry."
In December, the tribunal acknowledged that Artur Finkevich guilty and sentenced him to a year and a half of the colony. Meanwhile own guilt almost always abnormality activist does not recognize. In court, he argued that previously tried to challenge it recorded violations, but his complaints were not even considered. Now decide the fate of Arthur Finkevich Mogilev Regional Tribunal. Day of the complaint in court has not been appointed.
On days of Artur Finkevich sent home from the bullpen another letter. "He wrote that everything is fine with him, asking for his health not to worry," — said mother Mary Arthur Finkevich.
Lawyer Anna Bakhtin, who met with Artur Finkevich in Mogilev bullpen, states that he often receives medication. Arthur Finkevich unhealthy heart. During the trial to him called an ambulance.

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