Power itself for itself — it is a terrible sin

"Russian Belarus " in 1928 have positioned the speech of Chairman SNK BSSR Golodeda to 2 CEC session BSSR where noted: "We can do a lot in the deployment export … For example, exports of agriculture — ptushnitstva, svinavodtva etc. can give us a significant profit, because these products have a wide market, and we are strengthening our export of currency. But the trouble is that we still can not grow these export products. For example, our geese, which we aim to Berlin brakuyutstsa so as they are not blue, not that skinny. "
"Lim" year 1938 and the editorial "against formalism in art": "The fight against formalism is a struggle for realism in art, the struggle for the party art. Belarusian arts workers should discuss the formalism in conjunction with the closing of the Meyerhold Theatre. Office for the Arts at SNK BSSR need to organize abgavarenne articles in the national press about the Meyerhold Theatre. necessary to reveal recurrence meyerholdavshchyny Belarusian theaters, as well as in the fine art of music and the Byelorussian SSR. "
* "Narodnaya Volya" year 1998. Yuri Khaschevatsky after bandit attack on it says: "I have not yet beheld the authorities who would understand his grahovnasts. Indeed, the power itself for itself — this is a terrible sin. It is a necessity to maneuver between a variety of interests. And every decision could pressure someone to respond right. Because power must spin very carefully, tactfully, and most importantly — a day to atone for their sins of yesterday. Specifically endless feeling of guilt can give her power, human form. "

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