Probable U.S. president is not allowed to Belarus

Vitaly Tsigankov discusses political scientist Vitaly SILITSKIY.
Tsigankov"Favourites" primaries "in the South American state of New Hampshire became Hillary Clinton — the Democrats and John McCain — the Republicans. Favourite past elections in New Gempshyry often in American history became a candidate from their own party and, accordingly, the winner of the elections. On your views whether Hillary Clinton and John McCain is considered a winner in the presidential race? "
Silitski"By the way, last twice this" rule "was violated. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did not win in New Gempshyry so it can read about the latest trends.
Before the New Democrats looked Gempshyram that the candidacy of Hillary Clinton may simply crumble. But it did not work, and has at the moment with a little bit of a big probability we can state that the Democrats will be Hillary Clinton. And the Republicans do not understand, and all will be resolved exclusively in the "Super Tuesday" on February 5. "
Tsigankov"I was amazed how many candidates (not only in the midst of Democrats, and Republicans) use the slogan:" For a change "in one way or another interpretation. Neuzh desire for change that is so necessary to South American society? "
Silitski: "Certainly, the motto:" For the change "is very popular with the unpopular president. Keep in mind that this is the first election in many years, which is not involved in the whitewashed house. This adds intrigue absolute, because there is no obvious candidate.
As for the authenticity of this motto, when I look at Hillary Clinton, I hunt glue motto: "For the stability." After all, its motto — is: "There were great times when we ran with Bill, and the economy grew, the security was not to wage war waged war." Hillary is almost as pretty limited candidate under the slogan: "Forward into the past."
Tsigankov"Which candidate is more suitable Belarus? Who better to Belarus official who is better for the opposition?"
Silitski"Apart from John McCain, who was the sponsor of a number of bills related to Belarus, the other — on the same level. Keep in mind that Senator McCain once denied Belarusian visa, which makes quite a sticky situation when he suddenly becomes president of the United States . "

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