Products rose by almost 2 times

At the end of last year, under the best Christmas, pensioner Galina Shakal was refused on the plan to get rich on trade. A couple of years she shared with her son holding a tent on the central square Ivenets. Traded fruits and vegetables, which were obtained on the wholesale market in Zhdanovichy.
But during 2007, Ms. Shakal continued to trade.
Under the best Christmas of 2007 pensioner reiterates that throws trade.
Reporter: "Are you currently trading?"
Shakal: "No. It’s a cold, I’m sitting at home. Just before the new year, and later will be locked."
Reporter: "Remember, the first in 2007, you were that trade will not, but traded …"
Shakal: "To live somehow need and apply for another job nowhere."
Reporter: "It is trade income does not bring?"
Shakal: "And what can be a profit here? Many shops in the city, and wages for small people. Where a person may have funds for various sweets?"
Reporter: "At first, I asked about the 2007 plans. You have said that you would like to block the roof …"
Shakal "Schiffer and lies. Roof I have not blocked. I can not raise funds. Maybe there will be a need to change the rafters still — it’s not so simple."
Reporter: "How to survive 2007?"
Shakal: "We had fun, because I have a granddaughter was born."
Reporter: "Is it just for the moment to grow small kids? Are there enough of the compensation given by the government?"
Shakal: "What it will suffice? Now to buy one child shoes, you need 90 thousand. States that children

Now, to get one child shoes, you need 90 thousand

power to the fifth baby will be free ale give nothing. "
Guests at the adult party applets "Dining in Ivyanets" pensioner Nikolai Kukso. Owner almost 80s to retirement worked as a lawyer, teacher and agitator-propagandist.
Sovereign Kukso loves read the truth in the face. At least some case he defends his opposition eyes. In the bath loves to retell the content of programs of Radio Liberty and read in "Our field."
Conversation over a cup of coffee starts with the question about the results of 2007.
Kukso: "We lived without any significant success. Oil with excessive cost 2 thousand — currently 5 and more. Cheese" Dutch "was 9 thousand, at the moment — under the fifteenth most pulls a cheap bread was 830 rubles, at the moment — 1060 rubles. Salo first he wasabout 4 thousand in the market and at the moment — 6 five hundredth meat was 7 thousand, at the moment — 8.5 thousand. "
Reporter: "How much increased pension?"
Kukso: "At one point, 7%, and the second — by 9%."
Reporter: "What do people to survive? "
Kukso: "Every move, as it may. For example, I dig the whole autumn ridge. This despite the fact that I will soon be 80 years old. Pavparku raking leaves, for no fertilizer. In my house warm. Suhastoina appears in the park — I ask permission and saw cut it. More the Bolsheviks did own water heating. But to make it work, required briquette. Briquette I do not possess. Instead it take torfakroshku. Here we have and the House of Culture, and the village council. They burn briquettes and debris remains. does not go in their oven chips. And for me this garbage — of itself. Drawers I drive this baby. "
Reporter: "Have you tried to calculate how much savings on fuel?"
Kukso "Trailer firewood standing under 300 thousand. This is exactly my pension."
Reporter: "How to change the mood of the people in a year?"
Kukso: "Mood little changed. Previously pensioner went to his cottage at half price, and now will pay for a full ticket, it whenever will go, remember the gift that he breaks away. We were encouraged by the authorities is very curious. They say that once give a huge salaries and pensions will increase. turns out that the impact in front and horse — back. At first selected benefits and compensation will come later. "
Reporter: "What happened was something bad? What positive results Ivenets life?"
Kukso: "Power celebrated day of birth Dzerzhinsky, it undermined the asphalt paving laid and trimmed fence around the monument. Is it just that. "
Valeriy Mazur works director Ivenets home culture. When he was a guest applets "Dining in Ivyanets", talked about his own dream — to stage DK "Idyll" and "The Government Inspector." And Sovereign Mazur said, that is not afraid to express their democratic eyes. Not afraid, because, they say , nothing to complain about — "I carry out their duties perfectly and professionally." Valeriy Mazur summarizes the results of 2007.
Reporter: "How to change your earnings for this year? Or raised him? How much was raised? "
Mazur: "I speak as have not got me wages. At the end of the year felt the lack of funds. Till the end of the month is not enough for approximately 350 thousand. I went on to study at the driver. Paying for the course and felt a lack of funds."
Reporter: "How much is tuition?"
Mazur: "600 thousand and fuel for its own account. If you count all together will cost one million rubles."
Reporter: "How to get out of this situation?"
Mazur: "Ekanomlyu. Want to change shoes. But it seems that I will wear last year. Soon the New Year will begin" Christmas tree "- is a kind of extra money."
Reporter: "How much can you earn on New Year festive celebrations?"
Mazur: "Santa Claus on the Christmas tree — 20 bucks."
Reporter: "I remember the first year, you said the following sentence: we’ll see, will grow as gas prices, when so quickly, instead of a gas boiler put wood. Either you needed for the boiler on the wood?"
Mazur: "I use gas. Yet while not previously reached. Regarding prices energoelementy perhaps they have not changed significantly. But if you count the payments for gas, phone, rent, leaves large sum. Now it all together for 30 thousand more ".
Reporter: "If you were a guest of our applets, pronounced that there is a desire to stage the house of culture" Examiner "and" idyll. "Either you closer to your own sacred dreams?"
Mazur: "Unfortunately, no. This requires Prof. actors. Experts not. In our district, there appeared a group" Dubinsky swagger. "All material humorous team built on local realities. Actors — ordinary people. Find his face: humor differs from that . Certainly, differs from Russian. "
Reporter: "How to spot a year lived?"
Mazur: "There were no disasters. Continue to destroy our roads. Lay gas. Put him in the place where the sidewalk. Asphalt whereupon Nobody recovers. "
All year we watched how the state personal Belarusian Cypriot company "Confectionery" Ivkon. "
By the beginning of 2007 was a major market for our homeland. After in the adjacent country names registered as a brand of chocolates, exports decreased by half.
Employees of the company they say that since the factory does not get personal and financial aid from the budget, then started on his own initiative to find new markets and to save.
In 2007 on "Ivkon" have the latest production line, the latest accounting system and energy saving and new markets — the Central Asian countries.
Guest one of the programs "Dining in Ivyanets" was the chief boiler Victor Prusevech. And last meeting in 2007 …
Reporter: "How to change your well-being at this year?"
Prusevech: "At the same level. Better he did not. If such prices, then what can be best read? Prices gallop

Prices jump up, especially for food — it becomes terrible

especially for food — it becomes terribl
e. If the spouse when something goes into a store and leave there for 20 thousand, but now for the same thing it gives 40 thousand. I live on a minimum. I trained on a paid offspring. Prices for training grow each semester. Delay, so just pick the 500 bucks. "
Reporter: "Or changed your earnings for this year?"
Prusevech: "Change. Climb to 60 thousand. From the presidential election one of our wages did not increase."
Reporter: "And that you can give to the spouse and offspring prazdnichkom?"
Prusevech "Wife — nothing like it to me. We have such an agreement. We each other say: "Sorry, I got nothing to sell, as you told me." A scion we give things that are necessary in life, socks, gloves, deodorant. The same and the other children. Only grandchildren we give candy and oranges. "
Reporter: "How to change the town for the year?"
Prusevech "There configuration. People built a home there. Started to arrange well not only the center, and the distant streets. "
Reporter: "What is the state at the moment the factory?"
Prusevech: "Some markets are losing what we find. Launched newest line to create candy."
Reporter: "And what about saving electricity? First year you were that put new equipment. Began to precisely calculate how much energy your organization requires. As the situation has changed in a year? "
Prusevech: "Saving — it’s not a day or 1st. Almost everything is made of, but it’s only a modicum. Main work ahead. Required huge investments. We — private enterprise. Municipal enterprises can count on the support of the country, and we — only myself."
The question of what has changed in my life in 2007, Ivan Valchevski can talk for a long time.
He said goodbye to the school where he taught arithmetic past 37 years. In his house, he changed the boiler, plumbing and made repairs.
Reporter: "If you look at the welfare of your family first this year, and now, what has changed?"
Valchevski "reduced, because there is no salary that I received in school. This month before retirement we’ve got 50 thousand. Food we take not less than steel, but all we get is food."
Reporter: "What are the prices were first year and are now?"
Valchevski: "Many products rose by almost 2 times. We were served a person engaged greedy pigs, and then cooked meat on the market realizes. Earlier in the countryside could buy live weight at 3800 pounds, is now less than 4500 rubles nobody gives. Accordingly, the meat on the market has risen in price. Earlier, when I went into our personal shop "Park", there was always crowded. At the moment — well, if 2-3 people. This is an indication that people do not live better. "
Reporter: "And how do people get out of this situation?"
Valchevski "Someone restricts itself to the food, someone — in clothes. Hardest those who have kids now students or high school students — they need to be put in and send."
Reporter: "The rise in prices … and Christmas here. Whether there will be people money for food to cook 12 dishes?"
Valchevski: "These products are always means even the poorest. And in poor and rich families will table

Before prazdnichkom stores all abuzz, and 2 weeks later there is quiet — people izderzhut everything to be like everyone else

are equally covered practically. Before prazdnichkom stores all abuzz, and 2 weeks later there is quiet — people izderzhut everything to be like everyone else. "
Reporter: "In 2007, life happened in Ivenets something positive?"
Valchevski: "Road to the school repaired. Churches repaired."
Reporter: "Another member of our unfailing applets — your cat in March. As for her 2007 passed, then you have it and continue to feed the whiting?"
Valchevski "whiting buy. Boil not two pieces, and one by one."
Reporter: "Change Is whiting cost?"
Valchevski: "Was 1800 pounds at the moment — about four thousand. Turns out that the price increased by 2 times."
Reporter: "Usually people to make plans next year. How are you going to live in 2008?"
Valchevski: "Huge plans for me. Plans house exterior plaster, cover the roof and change in the house four doors."
Five thousand Ivianiec is in Minsk region 60 km from the capital. Shuttle bus runs here 2:00. Tickets cost 5.5 thousand Payment of travel has not changed since the end of 2006.
And we summarize the results of the city. In 2007, restoration began in Ivyanets church of St. Misha. A monument neagotyki, "reddish" Church of St. Alexei celebrated its centenary.
In the central square opened Orthodox Church St. Euphrosyne. It was built 11 years.
In 2007, for various reasons in the cafe closed 3. And now, to dine in Ivyanets need to make some sandwiches or in advance, or go to visit friends.
A sturdy Ivyanets acquaintances in 2007 was at times more.

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