Prosecutor General’s Office will review the case Ihnatovich

Chapter Prosecutor reminded nedavneshnem commando Valery Ignatovich letter to the president, in which the robber Dmitry Zavadsky insists on retrial. That’s what Peter said Miklashevich:
"After prosecutors in this direction continues. Unfortunately, to This time No impartial data that would confirm their disappearance is operational and not by the investigator revealed. As for Ihnatovich prosecutor position remains constant, and it coincides with a guilty verdict. His complaints are, but we are nothing new in their litsezreem not. "
What was the crime situation in Last year? According to the Attorney General, crime has decreased by 5 per cent with excessive. But as far as the middle of the bribery of officials, such cases have not diminished. "If in the year before in 1045 found the facts, the last year even more — 1066" — said Piotr Miklashevich.
The most famous taking bribes last year became the first deputy chief of the presidential administration ideological Vladimir cold, which in November was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment with confiscation of property. Another resounding arrest was the detention of the former chairman of "Belneftekhim" Alexander Borovsky, who, according to investigators, through mismanagement caused the state losses Tipo over a million bucks.
This case, said Peter Miklashevich will listen to Supreme Court first of February. "Alexander Borovsky did not return to the state funds," — said the Attorney General and gave the example of those arrested in the past year, company managers "Emir Motors," which the court returned to the state stolen from her 7 billion rubles, and now at the mercy of Alexander Lukashenko, who can offer release from liability.
Head prosecutor said as the development of a data bank on all the people who have committed criminal or administrative wrongdoing. According to the Attorney General, such bank contains data on more than one million people in the country. Reporters asked whether the citizens themselves to look into the dossiers on their collected. It turned out to be not such ability.
"No, not for the bank created. Was created to study the dynamics of crime and the development of measures, that it beat."
In the end, Peter Miklashevich asked, filed at the end of the year he retired, which is not was adopted Alexander Lukashenko? The Attorney-General referred to the data "fabrications."

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