Prosecutors refused to protect Dmitri Fedoruk

Recall: Dmitry participated in the rally "For Independence", dedicated to the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Commandos during the dispersal beat him so that he got into the clinic.
Dmitriy Fedoruk received an answer prosecutors, in which it is reported that a criminal case against the commandos who beat him during the dispersal of the rally, will not raise.
Recall: "fast" brought Dmitri Fedoruk in 9 clinical clinic in instinctive state. Doctors documented beatings, head injury and concussion. Mom Dmitry a couple of times called the police and claimed that before investigators arrived Dmitry. At night she drove to the police statement, requesting an investigation and bring the guilty to beating to criminal liability.
Investigator came only in the morning and took testimony Fedoruk, who at that time was able to speak. A few days Dmitry held in the clinic, and later transferred to the home mode of healing. The U.S. State Department condemned the crackdown on the peaceful demonstrations and fierce beating Dmitriy Fedoruk and several protesters.
Prosecutors refused to initiate criminal proceedings. Offer to contact the police Central District, if the situation persists, Dmitry izymatelstvom found.
Seviarynets Paul believes that this case — an example of politically targeted solutions.
"Lawlessness, as was available and the beatings and medical diagnosis, and many eyewitnesses who all confirmed. A Central police department found no grounds to initiate criminal case. Take the case of a policeman SUSHCHENYA, who claimed that he fell in the presence of Constantine Lukashou and Vyacheslav Siuchyk. Was initiated criminal case, Constantine was held for several months in prison. Almost planted. And here the sea witnesses, everyone knew half the world beheld, State Department statement even there. Even if compare — at Fedoruk concussion, a painful shock, numerous injuries, and at SUSHCHENYA completely nothing. "
Despite the fact that Constantine Lukashou punished conditionally, for a day or he was summoned to the prosecutor, that he signed a paper that is not covered under the amnesty and he almost can not leave the country.
Dmitriy Fedoruk is going to appeal the prosecutor’s decision and will ensure that the investigation was conducted and criminals lured to criminal liability.
"I will continue to appeal the decision of the prosecutor’s office. I will ensure that those people, who beat me, lured to criminal responsibility in accordance with law. "

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