Prospects for the U.S. Navy and Russian

Prospects for the U.S. Navy and Russian Prospects for the U.S. Navy and Russian
Compare, in what form will the U.S. Fleet and just 8 years old, in 2020.

Let’s start with submarines. We intensively built atomic Borei (10 ships by 2020), nuclear Ashes (10 ships by 2020), SSK project 636.3 (6 ships in 2016), Project 677 diesel-electric submarines (14 ships by 2020).

And what in the U.S.?

In the U.S., 42 obsolete nuclear submarines type Los Angeles, built in the late 70’s to 90’s, which by the 20th will be charged every one. Minus 42 boats. Substitution is not built.

18 nuclear submarines of Ohio, also 80s built, too, every one of them will be retired in the 20s. Minus 18 boats. Substitution is not built.

Total 18 pieces remains Virginia (including new ones). To catch the 20 th year update at least their Ohio should begin to build their already at the moment. Which is not even in the project. By the way, Virginia — a small submarine. 7800 tons compared to 13,800 tons from 24,000 tons of ash and in Boreas.

Non-nuclear submarines in the U.S. there is not expected.

Now move on to the surface fleet.

By the 2020s a hundred percent rot all 22 Ticonderoga cruiser (substitution build not planned) and all 26 missile frigates Oliver Perry (no plans to build a substitution). Minus 48 large surface ships.

Total instead of 22 Ticonderoga cruisers, destroyers Arleigh Burke 60 and 26 frigates Oliver Perry, who is now, after 10 years the U.S. will have only 50 Arleigh Burke destroyers and three destroyer Zamvolt, ie actual fleet will be significantly weaker.

We can say that at the moment the U.S. Navy at the peak of their own power and will continue to decline and only unchanging regression. In particular, taking into account the increasing external debt crisis and the future with future pension payments bebibumerov generation (and that means not).

By the 20th powerful maritime powers (including the submarine fleet) will be our homeland, India and China. At the 4th place will be the United States, only because carriers.

Obviously, this situation is very annoying Pindos, and so the U.S. has recently announced availability of the latest development programs from a nuclear submarine, missile, conventionally referred to as «Ohio Replacement». Boat will be designed together with the British, already at this point it is clear that it will have 16 missile silos (instead of 24 on the old «Ohio») and use technology from the boats «Virginia».

Will «Ohio Replacement» developed, when it happens, and how fast they begin to build — is not yet clear, but previously it is clear that in the coming 8 years no such boat not be built.

Of course, in theory, the U.S. could extend service as submarines and «Ticonderoga» and «Oliver Perry.» But we must realize that the state already seychs Ohio boats is that they usually do not go to sea, and if you go — you are near the coast of the United States and is constantly accompanied by rescue vessels. With surface ships situation close — only some of them still retain the ability to sea crossings, the main part is very worn, and repair problematic.

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