Protesters sentenced to arrests

Boris Goretskogo, youth activist, referee Victor Yasinovich arrested for 7 days. He was cleared of charges of hooliganism small, leaving only the part in an unsanctioned rally.
Christina Shatsikava, since she has kids who have not attained the age of 12, the law prohibits the arrest. She was fined 700 thousand rubles.
President of the Court, the case saw Samoseiko Alexei Koshkareva. Koshkarev said he was not involved in the action, he saw the square mass of people heard the music and came over to ask, what’s happening. He thought, there Russian pop star concert. But, despite this clarification Koshkareva arrested for 15 days.
None of the detainees were not given commandos pass water, food and warm clothes.
Tamara Tsatsura outraged by the actions of policemen. Alexander took her husband out of the house staff Salihorsk police. He was taken to the prosecutor’s office in Minsk, where the shares were offered to both the applicant to sign the papers on administrative responsibility for his role in an unsanctioned event. After refusing sp.Tsatsuru taken to the police. Neprelichnoy businessman accused of abuse:
"In many outraged that I almost resist … that he ever insulted person? Or cursed?’s A man who is ill for lyudey.Organy police on him so they say, that he swore Tipo! Policemen arrived at 7 am to 2 uh-machines. rang the doorbell. I would not let him, because I do not trust this police. tells them, "I have it will not let you." They promised me that he will bring back the clock. "
Paul commented so Seviarynets Trials public activists:
"Likely these detentions were related to the fact that the number of 13-14 Putin arrives in Minsk. Power conducts preventive "sweep" to prevent any protests. People who had no business to the rally and march were entrepreneurial organizations in the bullpen with a completely made-up reasons. Maybe it’s an attempt to show Putin as perfectly valid Belarusian model of democracy, which Putin has adopted. "

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