Public editor of the week — Nina Stuzhinskaya

In June last year at the founding conference in Kiev with the role of representatives of 16 women’s organizations and initiatives Belarus chose her coordinator of the Women’s Network of Belarus.
— What is the meaning of the newly formed structure?
— In an extension of our impact on the country. At the moment, the network covers a little more than 30 districts, it is not enough. The formula works — "57 plus." In other words, appear in Lately But in so many areas — more than half of all that there is in the country.
— You intensively participated in party building?
— 6 years was Deputy Chairman BSDP (People Hulk). But after the split in the party remained fundamentally it private.
— You wrote a doctoral thesis?
— So. But in 1999 is not allowed to defend himself: did not like the theme — the anti-Soviet resistance in the 1920-1950 years.
— Than proud of?
— Namely, a prize named after Frantisek Bogushevich Belarusian PEN-center for the book "Belarus rebellious."
— You worked a long time in the Institute of History Academy
— In 2003 I was given an ultimatum: either role in local elections — I went to the Minsk City Council — or dismissal. Recently elected.
— Your dream?
— To embodied in prose open my heroes Slutsk uprising and underground farm party "Greenish Oak."

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