Putin may lead the Russian government

"Expressing willingness to run for office of, appeal to him (Putin) to give fundamentally agreed to head the government of the Russian Federation after the election of a new president our country"- Said Dmitry Medvedev live.
Belarusian political analyst Igor Lyalkov believes that with this duo led RF pressure on Belarus will occur first in the economic sphere:
"I think it will be a full continuation of the policy that holds our homeland over the past few years. And the pressure will be in the form of economic expansion. Thus not only for Belarus.
I do not think it will mean an increase in the degree of danger of political expansion of, in terms of incorporation of Belarus into Russia. In my opinion, the idea of the union of the country of Belarus and Russia will gradually breathe. And the signing of the Constitutional Act of the Union countries postponed again "holy ever."

Thought allied countries Belarus and Russia will slowly breathe

Meanwhile Now Russian newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to the so-called Secretary of the Union of Belarus and Russia country Pavel Borodin reports that there are three variants of the Constitutional Act. First anticipates that the president will be the president of the Russian Federation, and Vice President — President of Belarus. Under the second option, to elect the president of the union will vote by the people of both countries. Third option generally does not provide for the post of President of the union, and only the Supreme municipal council. And, they say, these options will be considered on December 14 meeting of the Supreme Council of the municipality in Minsk.
Now Constant Committee of the Union issued a press release Countries in which alleged that on December 14 "is planned to change the composition of the Russian-Belarusian commission to prepare a draft of the Constitutional Act."
On this occasion, Belarusian political analyst Andrei Fedorov states that in Minsk conversation between Putin and Lukashenko on the Constitutional Act may occur:
"But I do not see the mechanism as it can be implemented. What was announced radio station" Echo of Moscow ", it seems to me, is not suited to this situation.
The main point is this. To Putin became the real head of the united country and not some zits chairman, you need to change the constitution of both countries. Without this it is impossible. A couple of times, Putin has stated that he will not change the constitution. And there is no evidence that he was from itshis wordsand turn away. "
Favourite Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov said that the choice of Medvedev as his successor may indicate Putin’s plans to accelerate the construction of the union of the country:
"The nomination of Medvedev gives a clue me another idea related to the future of Putin. I would not be surprised if recently by Putin will be initiated some measures aimed at strengthening the Union of Russia and Belarus."
But this statement was made some time ago than Dmitry Medvedev publicly announced its proposal to Vladimir Putin to head the Russian government.

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