Putnam began exhibition notes. Europe

Kestutis Stoskus: the power of light
Work exactly Lithuanian photographer Kestutis Stoskus — black and white photo series of Vilnius and Minsk — more impressed by photo artist Lena Adamczyk:
"Photography — is light. And looking at everything, I think that the best here in Kestutis Stoskus. Loved how he uses light. Especially since, light that belongs to nobody. It belongs to the nature. And Stoskus really feels Vilnius. "
Agrotowns "a shame, I think" …
Very strong memory for guests of the exhibition produced a series of German photographer Martin Rosvaga. Works are devoted to agro-towns being built at the moment in Belarusian villages.
Here is one of the world attendees:
"What I saw is a shame, I think. I do not see This is the meaninga. Must be respected photographers such as Vadim Kachan, which makes your home beautiful and says that other countries should build our country lovely. Must show perfect, because perfect — the meaning of life. Beauty — it is harmony. "
Agrotowns "pettiness and futility of man"
But painter Ales Marachkin came from a series of photos of Martin Rosvaga in ecstasy:
"This is unique. Look at these houses, these layouts and feel: the little man, it is temporary, that it is void … In the villages, when they built the house, he said, the house was like the owner. He had its some feature your greatness … And this is something, what did not have to read. And have to talk about the futility of power, the worthlessness of man — and it just painter showed. There are jobs — two toilets, sorry … One small closet, and another — a shed as a toilet … That’s too many states these agricultural towns. Not village sun, and a settlement of darkness. "
In Minsk Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition will work until January 20. After "Itineraries. Europe "can be behold in art galleries Gomel, Mogilev, Grodno, Brest, Baranovichi and Polotsk.

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