Queues at the Polish Embassy

Before Mission of Poland in Minsk — the queue. They say people that defended a number of days to just hand over documents in office.
"I got a ticket for filing a further 28 December but only introduced them on January 8. Initially worked only one window, they are perceived by 10, 12, 15 people a day. And my room was a queue — 101st" — resents private businessman, who This time had a great experience design both Polish and Schengen visas.

There are no queues. Turns doing artificially, I do not know who is doing …

Staff Consular Service of the Polish Embassy stare at the situation with optimism.
"There are no queues. Queues make artificial, I do not know who it mattersa. But the ability of the Polish representation in the processing of documents for visas at the moment significantly preomnazhayut demand ", — answered my question head of the consular department.
My companion in the queue near the Polish representative witnessed a situation that calls delirium:
"Lady filed documents had a fax proof hotel reservations. She said: fax message, we do not accept for the document, you need the original. She asks because I have to get the original, if I still do not have a visa?"
Hotel — Warsaw. Reservation is needed — here
In order to address the issue the consular officer.
"Yes, it’s totally a reasonable requirement. Needed originals."
Reporter: "But how to get the original reservation if the hotel — there is, and the man — here?"
"Well, that’s not the problem of representation. Somehow people find decide this question. Mail, or as … There are options. But the consul can claim any additional documents, without explaining why they specifically requested "…
Specifically with This is the situation faced another one of my companion in the queue. Look, it says that the Polish representation is very worried about the welfare of her minor daughter:

I asked — what figure you want, so you let the kid to the Pope?

"We asked the Polish national visa for my daughter because her father works in the Warsaw Institute. Filed We work contract signed by the rector, with any seals likely, but it was not enough, asked for proof that his father used this job offer — this page with passport notarized, where there is a working visa, proof that it works there. Yes, and it was not enough to This time sent for bank statements. Though in the condition of the work is written that his father — a doctor, says what he works in a certain column contains the figure salary. But — account statement, as the original, it had to pass all the happiness that failed. I asked — what figure you want, so you let the kid to the Pope? After some discussion, the woman replied that 40 bucks a day "…
Were in line for about representation and happy state of Polish visa holders who received it without any problems.
"I — 1st Officer of the Polish media, because, thank God, we met in the representation of all the possible movement towards us. State visa — without problems. But I applied for a visa Shegenskuyu, then began a pause. And I’m waiting for a week though any progress — or what they learn carefully where I was born and so that if "…
Want to go to Schengen — finished paper
Collection of documents for a Schengen visa requests more time and efforts. Help with work with proof of employer stay Giver and to guarantee that his workplace after returning the proof of monetary and real security: for example, account statements, the right accessories for real estate, etc..
Private businessmen need to have an income statement for the last six months and a certificate of no tax arrears. Ladies who do not work should clarify the sources from which they are: a letter from the last job and the copy of the work book spouse or someone who will take responsibility for the solvency of the ladies in the Schengen countries, the original or a copy of the marriage certificate. For unemployed people have provided a list of additional requirements.
Consul General of Belarus in Bialystok Alekseichik Misha says that about "documents" for the Polish people, who wish to go to Belarus, read here.
"One time, we double entry visas generally do without an invitation. They cost 25, 35 euros respectively. If repeated, the invitation is necessary. Our citizens take them to the Local Police Department and sent here. Previously up to 16 years free visas were now only to 6. A to 6 to 16 — 5 euros. We try to do so, so that our visas were teasers Poland. And our Belarusians make it easier to ride home. "

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