RBC launches a personal project of Nikolai Velichko Made in Russia

If you have unique, interesting production, and you want to make about your product and how it is produced, I learned the whole Russia, we will help you with this.

RBC launches a personal project of Nikolai Velichko "Made in Russia". The program is about the manufacturers, whose products can be proud of the country.

In the best tradition of television, tells us about the unique Russian industries to be proud of and which is useful and interesting to know the Russians.

Because in the minds of citizens and peoples of other countries, Russia is seen as a raw material appendage of the West, the program is designed to expand the idea of Russia as a country in which there is also its own production, to revive the patriotic feelings.

The program is aired from April 2013. Weekly, with repetitions, duration 6 minutes in prime time.

If you have a desire to participate in the project, our crew will gladly come to you.

To join the program — you need to send an e-mail made.in.russia @ rbc.ru description of the product, which is manufactured by the company, a description of the production, website address, contact details.

Your plant or factory can become the protagonist of "Made in Russia".

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