Require Russian-made flowers!

The silence in the huge greenhouse is broken only by the sound of running conveyors. In the eyes dazzled by the diversity of colors, standing in neat rows in pots for the transparent film. In the distance, two workers in white coats distribute seedlings on the tub. No fuss, no talking. Only a "robot assistant" continuously rolled across the ceiling from one corner of the building to another.

Agrokombinat "Moscow" is located in Moscow, Moscow region, is grown flowers (and vegetables) of more than 40 years.

"We do not sell cut flowers. We want to persuade the Russians to give for the holidays is not bouquets and fresh flowers in pots, "- says the chairman Yevgeny Sidorov. He's 53 years old, more than half of which he devoted to gardening. "First of all, potted flowers are longer. Second, caring for the flowering plant, the person all the time feels a connection with the donor " — The director. At 129 hectares, which is agro, growing almost two million flowers of different varieties. Each day, seven thousand of them go to the stores in Moscow. Only compete with the Dutch competition is very difficult. Yevgeny Sidorov sure: flowers near Moscow is not worse than the West. Their main advantage is that they are fresh, "today". European plants go two or three days, and to keep them, flowers treated with chemicals that impede growth. In "Moscow," the technology is used very rarely, only if prior to the opening of the summer season, which is preparing for the seedlings, very cold.

But Muscovites still prefer imported, not domestic flowers. To fight the stereotype of "abroad do better" in the agricultural complex decided widely opened doors greenhouses: a few times a week here give tours for school children.

Following the example of the western colleagues around Moscow agronomists have chosen the path of specializations — each department is committed to excellence in their field. For example, seedling complex is responsible for the first week of life of a flower, and in his lab developing technology "micropropagation" breeding: instead of seeds in a pot placed cells related species, of which grow and flower.

All processes in "Moscow" automatic: the central computer gives commands machines that move, watering plants, and even sorting, selecting the "marriage" with the help of cameras that measure plant height, number of flower buds. Man intervenes only twice: when transplanting flowers from small to large pots and packing stage, when the "robots" can break the plant.

And yet: today, more than 90 percent of all the colors in the Russian imported from abroad. But it is not that Russia has nothing to oppose foreign experience and technology. After all, Moscow Region agronomists even harsh winters do not interfere grow flowers all year round. "People! Demand flowers produced in Russia, " — Appeals to buyers Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Moscow" Yevgeny Sidorov.  

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