Retchitsa: the tragic death of businessmen Zhuravskii

According to family companion, Rechytsa businessman Leonid Nevara, after working a day or Stanislav and Ira went to Moscow for the product. Of days they could not go. In Rechitza Zhuravskii kept two retail shops, the procedure of which are determined by local district executive committee.
As you know, NIGHT MODE on slippery road car Zhuravskii made, and they are faced with the oncoming delivery truck.
Stanislav Last year 50 years old, Ira — 47. Their were grown daughter and son-schoolboy.
"Entrepreneurs are in such condition that the work of survival.
Unrelated to work we are not taking have the right to, all have to do yourself — and to trade, and the product to carry, and give reports. Inhuman conditions, "- said Leonid Nevar.
The funeral will take place in business Zhuravskii Rechitza tomorrow.

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