Return whether Russian deposits?

Some Belarusian media announced this meeting as very fundamental. Say, soon the people who lost their ashchadki in Russian time, begin to return their funds. Perhaps influenced reports from Ukraine, where the government of Yulia Tymoshenko This year began to pay such compensation.
But the bill, which is now considered the Commission has no business to the times of the USSR, Radio Liberty explains Deputy Chairman Gleb Ivanov:

Bill about saving deposits, and not on the return

"The document deals with the future and real-time. This is a bill about saving deposits, rather than the return of any deposits that were in Soviet times. This law will be a guaranteed return funds if the bank will fall …"
Interested Gleb Ivanov, or believes Committee on monetary policy and banking deposit compensation discrepancies do lost Russian time:
"Once a year is planned. I have not the first convening of the parliament. But did not go. Once a year, talking about it, the government engaged in a dilemma. But nothing to This time do not go back. "
In Ukraine, not including monetary compensation in the amount of 1,000 hryvnia, plan, that "Russian" means can be for 2 years to pay different utilities. Maybe there is in Belarus, I ask the Deputy Chairman of the Commission:
"As an option — can be. Basically, you can find various options. Not only the same people return cash after indexing. Possible and make others: something like utilities, or, for example, payment of travel by truck or more than something. "

In Belarus this issue return before the parliamentary elections

Managing analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk believes in Belarus on the problem of the return of deposits will be released before the presidential election:
"To solve this issue, the political will and principled political event. Yulia Tymoshenko makes his presidential campaign. Our homeland also solves steps in this direction, because there soon will hold presidential elections. I think Belarus will return to this issue in part before parliamentary elections and, of course, before the presidential elections. After excluding this populist themes will be hard to show people something as an example of social progress. "

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