Rigoni in the role of Christ

"Bel". In the very diverse circumstances held discussion "Belarusian issue" at the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, writes Victor Martinovich in the article "Rigoni as Christ":
"I pay attention behavior Andrea Rigoni, rapporteur for Belarus. He has served as counsel regime. This is a new approach to the PACE. Task, which was at the official Belarusian delegation is rather difficult: journalist Zdzvizhkou planted for 3 years, the very meeting was held when more than 40 people are behind bars. But the parties have found possible conditions. PACE took a moderate stance on Belarus. "
Online Newspaper "Solidarity". Crimean autonomy may initiate the signing of the contract the union with Russia and Belarus in response to the policy Ukrainianization which gained momentum after, came to power, President Viktor Yushchenko. Namely, the perturbation caused by the decision of the central authorities of the duplication of all foreign film distribution in the Ukrainian language. Article called "Crimean Communists are ready to attach the peninsula to the Union of Belarus and Russia."
"Our word". A significant part of the room is devoted to the 170th anniversary a day or birthday Constantine Kalinowski. Newspaper publishes rare pictures from his homeland Kalinowski — Mostovlyanah.
Ministry of Justice finally gave consent to the assignment of the new streets in the neighborhood Michałowo Yanka shaves and Lew Sapieha. But renaming streets Berson in the street name of the founder of the church of St. Simon and Lena Edward Voinilovich not passed, but the public all the same wants to fight for it, says Chief Editor of "Ourhis wordsand "Stanislav Sudnik:
"Minsk City Council of Deputies did not ask people whether it wants to rename a street Berson street name Voinilovich. Turned out that the mechanism of this survey is also no. Berson — it Bolshevik commissar. And now for Voinilovich is collecting signatures."
"Who needs to go to the tax?" Before 1 March in Belarus submit declarations of comprehensive income for the year. Do I need to file a tax return if the person has worked in several places? How to account for a parcel from abroad, as a means for the Russian at the moment to buy an apartment — read the most fresh newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus".

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