Road interchange Grape-Don ‘started in Sochi

March 25 from three-month ahead of the schedule of construction of Olympic facilities Federal Road Agency has commissioned to "Automobile traffic intersection in two levels at the intersection. Grape and st. Don (174 km) to the federal highway M-27 (A-147) "Dzhugba-Sochi" to the border with Abkhazia, Krasnodar region. "


Completed construction transport interchange has the following main technical and economic indicators:

  • estimated speed (km / h) 60
  • the number of lanes in each direction (pcs) 4
  • carriageway width (m) 14 (4×3, 5)
  • area asphalt pavement (m) 28300
  • Device retaining walls (rm) 1719
  • the total length of roads, conventions, overpasses and viaducts, reduced to a lane 3.5 meters (m) 7923
  • laid paving slabs (sq. m.) 3820
  • installed barrier fences (rm) 2906
  • length of noise barriers (rm) 2228
  • Length of rainwater (drainage) trays (rm) 2663
  • listed vbyudzhet Sochi for the demolition of green space (million rubles). 6,438
  • planted trees and shrubs (pcs) 3086
  • sown lawns (sq. m.) 15519
  • set of road signs (units) 129

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