Rout agmenchykav market economy

"Star" in 1938 print order of the Committee on the Arts at the USSR on the Elimination of Meyerhold Theatre: "Meyerhold Theatre throughout its existence could not aslabanitstsa sovetskogo from alien art, thoroughly bourgeois formalistic positions. As a result of this, for the sake of Leftist trick and formalistic quirks, even traditional works of Russian drama theater were given in a distorted, antymastatskim form, with their ideological distortion of fact ("Inspector", "Woe to the brain", "Bane Tarelkin", etc.). "
* "Evening Minsk" in 1988, reports on the findings of archaeologists Belarusian: "Along with the excavation Minsk studied Menke fort on the river (16 km from Minsk). Finds XI century (fragments of local production of pots, imported amphorae, which were taken in the wine and olive oil , an instrument) claim that in ancient times and there was a tremendous settlement happened for crawling those times life. "
* On the pages of "free news" in 1998 Valery Karbalevich summarize political year: "Out of the defeat of the last independent of government lights market economy. Arrest and Starovojtova Pupeyko — only the visible part of the creation of a monster monopoly that froze sprouts competitive economy … However, past year confirmed: the president’s popularity rating takeoff from the socio-economic situation in the country acquired a steady and perhaps long temper. "

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