Anti-aircraft missile system S-300 is actually a fundamental tool to increase the combat capability of air defense of Syria, but Moscow fears that the supply of these complexes can make the consequences for herself, and throughout the Middle East, writes missilethreat.com July 19.
Israeli Air Force stormed targets in Syria with such regularity that the Syrian air space resembles Swiss cheese (perhaps meant all covered with mildew and with holes — approx. «VP»). Available in Syrian air defense system obsolete SAM is not able to reflect Israeli air raids because Syria desperately, but with a huge delay expects the delivery of S-300.
In several local conflicts such as SAM SA-2 and SA-6 (or C-75 and «Cube» / export. Variant «Square» — a comment. «VP») killed a huge number of enemy aircraft. In Russia today made C-300, C-400 and C-500 is being developed. This instrument can dramatically affect the course of war and, in fact, is a strategic tool that is not habit for non-nuclear missiles. This factor served as a precondition that Israel and the U.S. are afraid of S-300 to Iran and Syria.
C-300 and that it can not be
S-300 has an impressive pedigree, coming from SA-2, which in 1960 «famously knocked» South American spy plane U-2 over Russia, which caused «confusion» in the then administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower (Dwight David Eisenhower, President of the United States in 1953 -61 years — approx. «VP»). Intended to substitute the first generation SAM system S-300 is a normal maintenance and use of a mobile system designed to reflect the massive enemy air attacks. The complex is able to destroy air targets at ranges from 5 to 150 km, just to track 12 targets and fire six of them. The Russians say that defeats the purpose of the coefficient is 80-93%. No aircraft will be able to «escape» from the rocket, which flies at a speed of 7200 km / h and has the highest height of 98 thousand feet lesions (about 30 km — approx. «VP»). Recent versions of the C-300 are capable of hitting targets, hovering just 20 feet (60 m — approx. «VP») from the ground.
Unlike SAM South American Patriot, which is touted as the killer Scud (Western notation Russian OTR series R-11/R-17 — approx. «VP») and who, in fact, is the «hands-free dud» Russian SAM works much more perfectly . According to the head designer S-300 Boris Bunkina during «Operation Desert Storm» South American «Patriots» showed a lack of effectiveness on the defeat and destruction of ballistic missile warheads to move them with the trajectory of the flight. Bunkin managed to solve this dilemma. His team conducted tests on the C-300 «Scud», and it has been demonstrated that the complex excellent destroys warheads at the point of interception.
Editor of IHS Jane’s Air-Launched Weapons Robert Hewson (Robert Hewson) describes the S-300 as severe and pochetaemogo enemy: «If you decide to enter into the air space and start bombing Syria, ready to huge problems.» Rocket zooms along the narrow radar beam, which is not only hard to find, and suppress EW. But it should be noted that the C-300 is not completely immune to electrical interference from the introduction, where Israel has an advantage. In 1982, Israeli aircraft killed 19 Syrian antiaircraft missile batteries after «blinding» EW.
Contrary to media reports, the C-300 itself for itself can not «change the rules of the game.» He became deadly unsafe when leads interaction with anti-aircraft artillery and fighter-interceptors. SAM having great heights defeat, force enemy aircraft down and get under fire for pros and interceptors.
Vietnam: unsafe at least some height
Vietnam’s air defense system was probably the most organized and efficient system of defense in the history of warfare. «It was a multi-level, busy embedded system, which included a radar station (RLS), MiG fighter jets, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft guns of different caliber, small arms,» ​​wrote in his book American Failure («American failure» — approx. «VP») Vietnamese General Van Tien (Van Tien).
As South American bombers and fighter escort entered the zone acts Vietnamese air defense radars have imposed on their MiG. Information about the enemy passed control centers SAM. In order to counter SAM Americans used electrical interference from devices that were installed on the wingtips own aircraft, which led to a decrease in maneuverability and made them more vulnerable to attack MiGs. «When the pilots tried to get out of the zone of fire anti-aircraft missiles, they reduced the height and came under anti-aircraft artillery fire,» writes Robert Dorr (Robert Dorr) in his book Air War Hanoi («Air War over Hanoi» — approx. ‘ VP «).
During 1964-1973 years the Vietnamese anti-aircraft artillery hit 740 U.S. Air Force fighters, helicopters and hundreds of several fighter-bombers and 111 F-15 strategic bombers B-52. Bombers were lost despite the use of electronic warfare and support fighters. It is curious that after the Vietnam War, the U.S. Air Force in local conflicts have not lost any 1st-52.
SAM over Sinai
If the C-300 will arrive in Syria, it will be a landmark moment. For the first time in the history of the Near East Arab country will be able to shoot down Israeli planes over Israel. Missiles fired from the area of ​​Damascus, about 107 seconds will strike aircraft over Tel Aviv, the Israelis do not actually giving time for the reaction. It is unacceptable to Israel. Moshe Ya’alon, Defense Minister (Moshe Yaalon) warned that «God forbid, they (C-300 — ca.» VP «) will appear in Syria, we know what to do.» Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, in contrast, believes that the delivery of S-300 will be a stabilizing factor, which is «cool down some hot heads.»
Syrian military is not as well prepared as a «highly qualified, targeted Vietnamese and shiny.» Perhaps defense Syria is not able to suspend raids Israeli aircraft, and there is no guarantee that it will be able to use the excellent C-300. This year, four Israelis have already inflicted blow to the Syrian military targets, and in each case they were afraid supplies tools for «Hezbollah».
This way, Our homeland has the prerequisites for concern. If the Israelis kill S-300, it can drop the prestige of the system and will allow other countries’ less afraid of them. » «Delay Russian S-300 comes from the realization that the Israelis can answer so that hurt the interests of Moscow,» writes Strategy Page. There are two options. 1st — Our homeland accelerates training Syrian calculations before sending complexes with «undiminished export version» and the latest modifications. 2nd — C-300 is supplied on the criteria that they will be served Russian settlements, which are not only better prepared, but their very presence will deter Israeli raids. Crazy Israeli attack on Russian positions SAMs staff will cause «massive not a good response» from Moscow, which would increase support for the alliance «Iran-Syria-Hezbollah.» A trickle of Russian weapons supplied to them will turn into a raging torrent. Then you hear the voice of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressed the Israelites: «Come on, this is my day.»

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