School problem about Sasha and Vova

"Uh, nothing happened" — one they say, referring to the fact that Vladimir Putin came and went, and no allied countries after it left. "And came out well" — notice the other, picking up a calculator. It turned out the meaning of the mysterious word Putin that gas prices Belarus will not change, and soon will rise, but under the treaty. After the visit, on Saturday, "Gazprom" said the cost for Belarus will be 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. It should be noted that such a figure specifically referred to two weeks back the first Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko. At the same time Russian representatives called number is much larger — from 125 to 165 bucks. So makarom it turns out that the cost for Belarus is not only the lowest in the midst of which our homeland sells gas, it turns out to be the one that sounded the Belarusian government as its negotiating position.
That it means the money?
Given that the volume of gas consumption Belarus — about 20 billion cubic meters a year, it turns out that next year the country will have to pay for gas at 400 million dollars more than in This year. Would cost 165 bucks — would have to pay more than 1 billion 300 million dollars more. Untainted savings — about billion and taking into account Belarus receives a loan of 1.5 billion dollars, the situation really looks even better than it could be.
However, is not exactly clear what’s behind all this good Lukashenko paid or regular "kisses", or promise not to intermeddle Russian political field until they are not there all settled down after "Operation Successor" or consent to participate in the Russian war games with the United States respectively, or to realize the promise of tasty morsels of Belarusian origin. But we emphasize that it is particularly unclear, moreover, if such promises were given and then, unlike publicly announced gas prices, all non-public. And just to add that the attitude of the President of Belarus to their promises made to non-public, as well as in public, very dialectical — how many times it turned out that those who were given the promise that something "is not realized."
But I would like to talk even about Lukashenko and those whom the employee Tsigankov wittily referred to Cassandra.
Wrote that the descendants of the Trojan prophetess Belarusian recently Putin’s visit? That the signing of the Constitutional Act during a visit will inevitably (they probably know), and if not, the Russians put up the price of gas Belarus 200 bucks (they also knew it reliably). And so Lukashenko (and with it, and the country) — a coffin, and so.

If these forecasts Friday evening brilliantly "justified" by persons not Cassandra ran no shadow grief, went debate that Belarus has been in bondage credit that Lukashenko during overnight discussions with Putin all the same passed something fundamental and precious every Belarusian (they probably know).
But the problem is not even in these "clear" projections and estimates, and that would decorate their very continued — "silly Lukashenko made a very stupid and need to do so, so and so." Lack thereof generates over sad thoughts.
To candidacy gained some chance of success, it be indeed candidate, in other words, to have and offer other solutions of problems facing the state and society, and that will not be lost when Lukashenko lost (and he probably will be gone, one way or another, before or later). In this case, if the government forbids to hold a rally, to organize a party or movement and prevents read newspapers are independent, then disable and stop to think, to look for solutions to prohibit real and complex problems that will have to solve at least some power, power segodnyaschy not. But specifically in this issue Tipo has the most strict prohibition.
Meanwhile Belarusian people is not only the number of those for whom Lukashenko — the incarnation of God or the devil. Attitude of the majority to power in general and to Lukashenko namely essentially rational mathematician — not someone who likes to arithmetic, and who knows how to solve puzzles, chess player — whoever wins the party with strong opponents, the politician — who … Well, obviously.
Situation the other day December 13 — as the problem of school textbook, such as: "Do the boy Sasha has three apples (territory, transit, etc.) at the little boy Vova — 7 igrush (gas, oil, etc.). Required to find. .. "
"Sasha" some solution found (agree, not the best). Who knows the best solution? Prize in the studio expects favorite.

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