Sdvizhkou arrested for Muhammad

Blame him of inciting religious hatred. Last editor "Concorde" Lord Alexei received information from the City Court that Sdvizhkou is under arrest.
On the penultimate day last year last editor of "Concord" Alex Hurt received a summons to appear before the Tribunal as a witness in the case of his former deputy.
Hurt "This case was initiated on the publication in the newspaper "Consent" of the drawings of the prophet Muhammad. They were taken from the Web. It was in February 2006. February 16 edition of the newspaper was the Supreme Economic Tribunal dismissed. Upon publication of the images was initiated criminal case, was under investigation, a search was conducted in my apartment — the actual location of the publisher.
Since during the investigation the main accused was recognized Sdvizhkou, the case was suspended when he disappeared from Minsk and Belarus. Was declared wanted.
The case was referred to the court, but was suspended due to the lack of head of the accused. December 30 last year, I received a summons to the court in 14 hours January 11 2008 as a witness. I know that such agenda got a few more people from the former wording "Consent". Earlier I did not know where Sdvizhkou, but he knew that being wanted, because with me on this score had read.
While necessary to explain (it was a resounding) that these pictures Sdvizhkou reprinted without the help of others, without the consent of me. I then suspended the distribution of the newspaper. Essentially, there was a question of freedom of speech and emotions of the faithful. I made a choice in favor of their own emotions of believers, not the political moment was when was necessary reprint such images.
But present day gone virtually two years, religious strife and state that the publication did not cause and could not call. And so I wish to lay, that the tribunal will end Zdzvizhkou for access to the will. "
Article 130 1 h. CC "inciting religious hatred", Alexander Zdzvizhkou could threaten up to 5 years imprisonment.

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