Sdvizhkou had the right message across to the people

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But we will begin transmission of comments to the burning actions and announcements:
Michas, d. Karpilovka: "I am outraged by the behavior of Muslim worshipers headed coupling, also the judiciary who condemned Alexander Zdzvizhkou to three years’ bullpen for what he Tipo insulted the Prophet Muhammad and this sparked religious intolerance. Who has the right to hide from the people the information that the entire open a discussion world when they say to us that we have freedom of speech and the press? Sdvizhkou Alexander had the right to reprint and convey information to the people. "
Spades: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom "in the face of our system, I found a method of controlling your own personal — personal sayings. Long We already live in a legal state. What does this mean? Legal Government — is the one that is always right. And the smallness of our judicial system. In order to become an engineer, you just need to graduate. In order to become an arbitrator must also deaf, and lose sight mad. suggest to open a category of personal sayings. Thank you. "
Paul Davydenko: "On the businessmen. This is not the entrepreneurs who specialize in buying and selling bad product and liquidation of forests and fauna, they have huge amounts of money. All this scam needs to close. Suppose grow grain, vegetables and engaged in animal husbandry. And those are trading product that raised his hands and difficulty. "
Spades: "Good evening," Freedom! "Georgia accomplished the official inauguration of the President. Pochetaemy Misha Saakashvili, congratulations from the citizen of Belarus. Beheld not in the movie the beautiful country of Georgia, Georgia neuvvyazkami familiar with that since Russian times. Patriot You own country. Difficulties errors with the people you survive. God Help your people on the path of freedom. "
Liberty listener asks:
Man: "Question. Is there anywhere, except Belarus, is a full contract system where everything, even ordinary workers have to sign a contract for one or two years and then be doubtful about their own work, why not preparing republican referendum on the abolition of such bondage , shameful contract system? I wish for you new creative and technical capacities in particular. Thank you for your attention. "
On the last question is answered by the Minister of Labor, economist Alexander Sasnou:
Sasnou: "Contract system exists in almost all countries, and that’s okay, because the contracts must be provided any provisions under which people will have something there. And if they agree, they go to these terms. But the fact that virtually no government interferes with this process. This is a matter of trade unions and employers. We have the same main employer and those who dictates to all these rules, is the government. The government, in spite of all the decisions the International Labour Organization, very tight controls. "

And at the end of the transmission — reasoning listeners need to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus:
Victor: "Nuclear power plants should be built without fail. And we, Belarusians will be required to build it at some point. Since 1990 we could already build its long and use a cheap electricity. Just take the western option, not a backward Russia."
Spades: "Before you build a nuclear plant, it is necessary to investigate the population for accumulation of radionuclides in the body of each person to know what the health of the civilization."

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