Selected benefits, and now they will select an apartment?

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In Sochi accomplished meeting Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. According to official sources, they discussed issues of strategic cooperation. On the topic of the Belarusian-Russian policy — subsequent calls:
Valery Borisov: "It’s sad. Neuzh we are Zatsyukany? Alone they say Lukashenko and Putin about something, and it all behind the scenes. Belarusians do not know. Maybe our" father "of us realizes wholesale and retail. And even more to put missiles without our consent. Once our tolerance will come out we, Belarusians, party, but later will be too late. "
Ivan Karpovich: "I wish to speak about Putin and Medvedev. Medvedev is Putin British queen. Putin as commanded, and will command."

Civilian head of the Joint Party Anatol Lyabedzka forbade leaving Belarus. On the way to Lithuania at the border crossing "Stone log" put him in the passport stamp "refused to emigrate."
Alexander, Maladziechna: "I have a question: who holds sovereign Lebedko and his family? He has no job, but he and his family live without poverty. Liabedzka dressed perfectly and looks great. Go abroad. Which country holds it? Or who holds it in Belarus? "

Responsible Anatoly Lebedko
"I am a taxpayer, pay taxes. Maybe that such taxes and receives his pension from the Tsar Alexander Maladziechna. So I am not a supplicant Belarusian authorities. As for zabugornyh travel, the this question, sure is interested not only of Alexander Maladziechna, and another Alexander Lukashenka. And now these trips will not, but I’ll ride in Zhabinka in Maladziechna and will be engaged in business, which I think in the main own life. That truth and justice are present in our lives. "
March 25 marks the 90th anniversary of a day or proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic. Democratic community of the country is preparing a series of commemorative events.
Vladimir Novogrudskij: "Here one posmevaetsya comparing with BNR" Land Mroyay. "He tried to say it Lutskevich, and even Kalinouski Mickiewicz. BNR for me — it does not smirk at the family table, not in line encyclopedia biased, but a page in our majestic history. And it does not need to remember, in comparison with the cartoon, but to teach and be proud of it. "
Head of the State Bank Petr Prokopovich said that in 2015 the average wage of a thousand inhabitants of Belarus will be the euro. Comment listener:
Peter S.: "Hero of Belarus, Chairman of the State Bank Republic of Belarus Prokopovich at one point I saw a dream as if he lives in 2015. State Bank vault brim filled bags with the European currency Euro. He sits on the bags and gives every Belarusian tysche 1 euro. Decent sleep. When awakened, it was necessary tell his wife, and he said to the people. "

Mom arrested: "My offspring is Novapolatsk. Operates 11 thousand, having an operator’s license gas boiler. At liberty had no accidents or violations. 5 years everything was going well. I even have a promotional letter from the head of the colony. But he was transferred to another company, and showered small slinging. Wife took my mum too, was in 1937. And she waited so pinned its hopes that he will return. But he did not come back from Solovki. Currently all repeats anew. "
Inhabitants of some houses the central part of Minsk Protest resettlement in buildings on the outskirts of Minsk. The authorities need to explain this part of the reconstruction of an old town. Worldview this occasion:
Timothy Tsybulko: "Well, my friends, Belarussians, waited? Initially selected benefits later strangled business, and now they will select their own apartments. I mean street Marx. And indigenous minchane go into sleeping areas with tremendous cost of funds, as at market prices they are not calculated. Maybe even go into collective farms and villages. "
And at the end — about the construction of expression in Belarus nuclear power plant.
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "Good day. I could not help thinking goes like this will build our atomic bomb. It’s creepy. Know, I have the world: an intelligent man give into the hands of a club, it may be that the pegs to score, and any Sheepish on heads will peel. Better I think, postponed for 10 years. Not such mind must be . "

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