Sensation of Putin’s visit, do not expect

We do not announce the visit aaplet

Now in the first half of a day or programm visit was not yet known. Managing the press service of the Belarusian president said Paul Light:
"We do not announce aaplet visit. Not very correct to respect Russian side. Indeed, I see my Russian colleagues this occasion silent. I think this news will go a little later. "
Police said that a number of central Minsk streets will be limited to traffic.
Regarding the visit of opposition activists spent yesterday in Minsk action "For Independent Belarus". They tore portraits of Putin and shouted: "No — union with imperial Russia!" Police ruthlessly dispersed demonstrators and youth activist Dmitriy Fedoruk was in the infirmary. Favourite People swinger Statkevich said:

Yesterday’s action spoiled background for this visit

"Russian management itself has already implemented such funds against the opposition. But yesterday’s action spoiled background for this visit. Despite the awfulness of what happened, I think Dmitriy Fedoruk did his courage yesterday very many for Belarusian independence. Aggressive acts Russian authorities put management in a very awkward position. I think that the discussion of any act done with Putin at the moment unlikely. "
Earlier radio station "Echo of Moscow" She said that during the visit Tipo is expected to sign the Constitutional Act of the Union of the country. According to unnamed sources referenced radio, president united country Tipo become Putin and the head of the Federal Parliament — Lukashenko. Russian official sources dubbed it "speculative fantasies." That will visit this somehow turning? Russian State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin said:

Here last week Moscow was full of rumors about the probable presidency Putin Union State

"You can appreciate the fact that Russian President other day care with his post makes itt visit. For the first time 2004 — is the official visit of President of Russian Federation. And then last week Moscow was full of rumors about the probable presidency Putin’s union state. But the rumors were quickly irrational. We know that the Constitutional Act — yet, anyway — is not agreed. And, as we understand, the Belarusian side to oppose the presidency Russia-Belarus union state. Because hard read, whether it will be a breakthrough. This will determine the prospects for a fundamental point of the union of the country. "
Last time was Vladimir Putin in Minsk in November last year within the CIS summit. Then a number of Russian journalists not accredited to the summit. In protest Russian journalists took part in the final press conference. In turn, the Belarusian media journalists were barred from Putin’s press conference at the airport.
Last meeting of the Supreme State Council held in Moscow in December a year earlier. After started the "gas war" and later "oil."
In today’s interview with Reuters Lukashenko spoke of imperial habits of. At a meeting with a delegation of the Siberian Federal neighborhood he’s said about the danger of the emergence of modern Chechnya if Belarus will become part of.
Putin, for its part, made a statement of intent to build market relations with Belarus. Say, Our homeland is open to at least what models of integration.

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