Sentences to youth activists from 10 to 20 days

Activists tried 3 unregistered organizations "Young Front", "BPF Youth" and "Jeans for Freedom". Some were accused of hooliganism small, others — to participate in an unsanctioned rally. Eight of them — high school students. Administrative arrests listed irreverent premise and students can be expelled for failure to appear for the exam in the winter session.
In the Central district tribunal came to friends and relatives of the detained activists. Friends of Youth BPF Franak Vyachorka, Anton Kalinowski and Yury Stankevich detained in the Central District Court, when they came to the Tribunal Julia Sivtsova.
Franak Vyachorka were charged with participating in an unsanctioned rally on January 10 and was sentenced to confinement for 15 days. Granted the request of the detainee, that heard testimony Barscheuski. She stated that she had no reason not to trust the testimony of police witnesses.
Anton Kalinowski arrested on charges of violation of public policy. According to police, Anton was standing near the building and police neprelichno bellicose. With all this referee Paulyuchuk Tatiana did not find out on what grounds he was detained in court and was taken to the police. Anton Kalinowski arrested for 10 days.

Anton managed to say a few words "Freedom" in the courtroom:
"They kept us in the courtroom. I wish to appeal to business: be in solidarity with us, because we were with you."
Policemen did not give the ability to get closer to the detainees and to photograph them.
Maxim Vinyarski, activist of the unregistered youth organization "Jeans for Freedom", was arrested for 10 days. Maxim trained sixth year Institute of Technology. But he did not rule out that it may not allow for the protection of the diploma.
"I was caught in the action of solidarity when I photographed share. Wrongly accuse me now that I swore. But I’m not cursed. Militiamen were expressed themselves. Maybe I have at the moment because this will be a problem like" his release "and exclusion from the institute. "

Youth activist BPF Yury Stankevich Tribunal punished with arrest for 15 days.
Women of an unregistered organization "Young Front" Catherine Catherine Galicia and Krasnov arrested for 15 days. Kasia Galician graduated from the Institute and Kasia Krasnov until student. Winter session, it will conduct in the bullpen Akrestsin Street.
Member of the organization "Jeans for Freedom" Pavel Kuryanovich Tribunal punished with arrest for 20 days. Paul was accused of hooliganism and small participation in an unsanctioned event. January 11 for his role in action on 10 January tribunal arrested for 20 days student Tatiana Tsishkevich. Case minor Olga Gulyakevich will consider the administrative commission.
The Central Court now attended by representatives of the OSCE mission, as first secretary of the U.S. Embassy. And the OSCE mission, and the U.S. Embassy often direct their own representatives for fixing violations in the courts. According to witnesses, the police rather rudely behaved against representatives of the OSCE mission Svetlana Senko — replaced in order to make her remark, they pushed her shoulders whenever passed near her.
In court and then skirmishes occurred between visitors and policemen. At the Department of Public Safety Central police station, who refused to call his name, stepped on the foot to the correspondent of "Nasha Niva" Doroshkevich and pushed her out of court. Random eyewitness filmed the incident on a mobile phone. After a while the police officer was told subordinates about these pictures. Man seized by men in civilian and dragged into the room at the end of the corridor. The man yelled, asked to protect him. Own phone he could give a lady who was sitting next to him. Eventually the police promised that if they are given the phone and they shall devour record, the man released. He agreed. As a result, the man was taken to a police car and taken to the police station. His name is unknown.
In court lost activist "Jeans for Freedom" Nikita Shutsyankou:
"We went out into the street Nikita. I stayed on the porch, and went behind Nikita court building. Two minutes later I came out and he was gone. Nikita read even before Tribunal over Maxim that he was observed. Later, he "broke" and came to the tribunal. After two hours, whereupon he came out, and it’s not, "- said Pauline Dyakovo.
Later it became clear that M.Shutsyankov in Police Central district, coupled with delayed at court buildings activist "Malady Front" D.Fedoruk. When the hearings ended and people came out of the structure of the court, on Kirov Street police suddenly rushed to Zmiter Fedoruk and threw his head guy on the floor of the police "funnel". Policemen door thrashed Dmitry on his feet to quickly pull in the crowds.

It is possible that the police are still several youth activists, police detained tomorrow to take him to the tribunal. So Makar, the list of prisoners cross the border April 10 s.
Detainees said "Freedom" that bullpen in Akrestsin they were not given any food. Day was not even a glass of tea. The court also forbade detainees transfer products.
Observers believe that the government measures resembling sweep during the presidential campaign, the action associated with business, designed for 21 January: for him, the authorities seek to isolate this time active part of youth.

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