Sergei Lavrov: Isolation of success never brought

After graduating from college ministers Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Martynov answered questions from journalists. Lavrov said that he appreciates bad sample "some Western countries" dictate their will to Belarus. "Solve prepyadstviya need not through the dictates and pressure, and through a mutually respectful dialogue. Such examples in history there, and the insulation is never ever brought of success."
Lavrov also said that This is the meaninge he supports the policy of Belarus, who wishes solve their problems in Europe and the U.S. in particular through dialogue. Russian minister said that the probable improvement of relations between Belarus and the West will not affect badly on the relations between Belarus and Russia. "We warn such does not exist."
Minister Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov said: "Republic of Belarus considers criticism own the address, and even more so sided coercive measures in the economic sphere, unfounded and unfair. We are grateful to Russian Federation in support of our position in this issue … At the moment, we, together with our homeland and in contacts with the EU and other Western partners are working hard to these difficulties remove. What will be the results — we’ll see in the next. "

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