Seviarynets: create all steps to release Arthur

On this week new sentence has been imposed Artur Finkevich. Youth activist sentenced and six months imprisonment. Earlier Finkievich serving two years of "chemistry" for political graffiti, of which he left to serve only two weeks. Now activist was sentenced for violation of the punishment.

Seviarynets Paul, who was in Mogilev on the process, calls the verdict unfair.
"This is an attempt to translate the political process entirely on criminal domestic rails. The man was specifically put the regime in such conditions where any mistake can cost 3 years jail. On December 28, the organizing committee will be held in support Finkievich. We will take all possible steps to release of Arthur bullpen. "
It is already clear that the protection of Artur Finkevich will appeal the verdict.
"Not in vain the people shouted:" Shame! "
Among those who supported the court Artur Finkevich, was the father of political prisoner Dmitry Dashkevich. That outlook Vyacheslav Dashkevycha about the case of Arthur:
"The verdict is very unfair. So thought everyone who was there. Wonder people shouting" Shame! "," Shame ".
Let me remind you, son Vyacheslav Dmitry Dashkevich tribunal punished by 18 months in prison for his role in an unregistered organization. Activist serving a sentence Shklou colony and to be released on the middle of March.
"There’s all prisoners strolling like shadows"
Andrei Klimov, located in Mozyr colony, was appointed to work in the area of woodworking. First political prisoner sent to the processing line copper wires, which is considered harmful creation. It was twice appealed, and eventually transferred to Andrei Klimov woodworking. Excellent is either bad, wife of political prisoner Tatyana Klimova not know. Tatiana remembered not so long ago visited Mozyr colony, which is located near the famous refinery.
"Silver housing tower. Burning torches to the skies. There are only a mile to the plant. Very bad environmental conditions. All prisoners are walking like shadows. But the administration of the colony on a good bill. Here I was in the Department of Execution of Punishment, as a portrait of Chief Mozyr colony hanging among the best, on the honor roll. Considered one of the best in the prison system. "
Let me remind you, Andrei Klimov was sentenced to two years in serious mode for the article on the Web, in which he called on the court to overthrow the current government. In the colony Klimov took products that returned by the administration, after checking through some number of days.
Political prisoners Alexander Kozulin in Vitebsk colony now gone lawyer. "In particular, they discuss it must continue to do for the release of the Pope, "- said Radio Liberty daughter Olga policy Kozulin. Past presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin has been in prison more than one year and 9 months. organization" Amnesty International "recognized Alexander Kozulin prisoner of conscience.

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